Race Motivation

I think I’m like the average person. I started running as a way to stay fit and lose weight. While this still remain true, but I have learned to appreciate running for many more reasons: • It’s a stress reliever. • It allows me to zone out and clear my mind. • I discover new places. • I can’t dance so running is my dancing. It’s a time where I can be at one with my favorite music. • Long weekend runs keeps me away from shopping malls. • It’s balances my love for chips/salsa, almond butter and dark chocolate. • It takes me out of the stinky gym where I often have to wait for a cardio machine. • It justifies my Lululemon addiction. ☺ • It teaches me discipline. • That feeling of accomplishment after a nice long run - priceless.

I’ve signed up to do a lot of races this year and was recently asked, “How do I stay motivated for all these races?”

In thinking about this, I had to ask myself, “Why do I sign up for all these races?”

I ran for 3 years before signing up for my first race. I signed up for that race to see if I could do it. It was such a fun experience that I wanted to do it again, so I signed up for a few more. Once I had done a few halves, I wanted to see if I could do a full and found that training for a full is a lot more intense. I’ve found that the mental training is just as, if not more important than the physical training. That’s one of the reasons I sign up for so many half-marathons, for the physical and mental training.

So how do I stay motivated for all the races?

• Having a race to train for also gives purpose to my workouts; something to work towards. Having a race to work towards keeps me from being lazy. • Most recently, I’ve met a lot more runners so there’s a certain social aspect that has emerged. Races bring opportunities to see and meet new runner friends. • And who doesn’t love the bling? I can honestly say I’ve run a race just for the medal, and I can also say that I haven’t run a race because they don’t give medals.

I love the ritual of a race:

• Obsessively checking the weather app to see what the conditions are going to be on race day. • Picking out what outfit you’ll wear (or buying a one) • Using the race as an opportunity to try out new gear or nutrition options • Carb-loading the night before • Race shirts and goody bags filled with all kinds of random stuff (I still don’t’ get the oil and vinegar samples…) • Standing at the Start Line with everyone else who has spent the past weeks and months training • And crossing the Finish Line, knowing you’ve accomplished something special

All these things keep me energized and motivated for all the races I’ve signed up for. Races are addicting, so if you’re going to run, why not train for a race?

So what better time than to add yet another race to my calendar…

I just signed up to run the half-marathon at the Salt Lake City Marathon with my friend Kady. I swear, I cave so easily to peer pressure. As soon as she asked me if I want to run this race, I already had my debit card out to register and the travel dates blocked out on my calendar.

But I mean, look at this elevation! How could I turn down the opportunity to run this?!


Oh yeah, its 2 weeks before the BMO Vancouver Marathon.