Random Acts of Kindness

These days I'm so jaded about believing in others. People cut each other off on the freeway. No one holds the door open for anyone else anymore. The niceness in people just seemed to be gone. I truly believed this. Until yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I met a friend at Valley Fair Mall in San Jose for a little shopping. I was totally out of cash so I stopped at an ATM. I used the cash for a few small purchases. When we got to Nordstrom, I decided to purchase some makeup and a new pair of shoes. When I went to pay, I discovered by Debit/ATM card was gone and I immediately I went into panic mode! I flashed back to the ATM. It was an old school ATM where you had to insert your card and instead of "swiping it." I was positive that I had left my card in the slot. My mind started racing about all the terrible things that could happen. I was kicking myself because I'm usually so careful about these things!

I called my bank and reported my card lost. Then I asked the Nordstrom salesgirl if there was a lost and found. She told me where to find out but was skeptical, as was I, that my card would be there. She sympathetically said, "good luck."

Wendy and I walked to the Concierge Counter and had the deskperson call Security. Lo and Behold, someone had actually turned in my Debit ATM card! I was thrilled, shocked, relieved! We both couldn't believe someone actually did it. We went to the Security office to retrieve my card. On the paperwork, I noticed the time it was turned in - it was right after I had withdrawn the cash.

I sort of recall an Asian dude standing in line behind me at the ATM. It must've been him who'd turned it in. If it was, Thank you Asian dude! Your honesty and integrity has given me peace of mind and restored my faith in the goodness of people! I surely will return the favor to someone else and keep the chain going! I hope those of you who read this do too!