Random Stuff

In continuing with my end of the week random posts….

1. Last week I had my monthly check-in with my nutritionist. One area I continue to slack in is eating enough protein. She always suggests Greek yogurt, but I told her I am OD’d on it. She suggested a couple of ways to change it up and keep it interesting:

- Mix it with some Hidden Valley Ranch mix and eat it as a dip with cucumbers and carrots. So I tried it and love it! I’ve always eaten the fruity or honey flavored Greek yogurt so this definitely gives it a new spin!

- Using it in Annie’s Organic White Cheddar Mac & Cheese (from TJ’s). I haven’t tried this yet, but will do so shortly.

2. One of my goals this year was to be a better blogger – not just in writing more on my own site, but being a more active blogger by reading and commenting more on others. It’s become somewhat of a ritual for me to start and end my day reading them and I love it!

3. In doing all the blog reading, I’ve read quite a bit of interval workouts that been posted. If you’ve read my recent posts, you will know that me and intervals haven’t gotten along this week, but we have before, and this is my favorite one (done on a treadmill):

0-3 min: Warm-up (I walk at 3.5) 3-10 min: Jog at 5.5 10-11 min: Sprint at 7.0-8.0 11-13 min: Recover at 3.5-4.0 13-14 min: Sprint at 7.0-8.0 14-16 min: Recover at 3.5-4.0 16-17 min: Sprint at 7.0-8.0 17-19 min: Recover at 3.5-4.0 19-20 min: Sprint at 7.0-8.0 20-22 min: Recover at 3.0-4.0 (so basically its 5 sprints and 5 recovers) 22-30 min: The workout says to jog at 5.5, but during this time, I’ll run at 7.0 for 1 min, then slow down by .5 each minute until I’m back at 5.0. 5 min cool down: Walk at 3.5

If I want an hour workout, then I’ll skip the cool down and start over again.

I got this from a Shape Magazine years and years ago. I have a binder of workouts (cardio, strength, stretching, swimming, outdoors, etc) that I’ve collected from magazines. I’ve ripped out the pages, put them in sheet protectors and have them all in a binder. When I’m looking for new stuff to do, I’ll rummage through the binder and take one that I like with me to the gym.

4. Tonight I went to a Spin class taught my one of my favorite instructors. She’s very precise in her instruction, spends every minute of the class conversing and interacting with us, and times her music perfectly to the workout. You can tell she spends a lot of time preparing for her classes and I appreciate that!

All day I had been looking forward to Spin because my legs were SO SORE from yesterday’s workouts. I was tired of hills and intervals. So of course that’s what all we did in today’s class. I can’t escape them; they will be the death of me!

5. This weekend, I will run with some friends, attend a big family dinner, swim at the pool, attend more yoga classes than I have all year and have some frozen yogurt.

6. I dedicate #1 and #3 to Jess. ☺

Hope you all have a great weekend!

PS Since this is a post about random things, the thumbnail image is a random photo of one of the shoes I got last weekend. The second one should be arriving any day now! Yay!