Rating the Weekend

I've known all along that weekends will be the downfall of my attempt to eat a better quality diet. So let's see how this first weekend went:

Friday Night

My friend Wendy invited me to a SF Giants game in the Virgin America Suite! If you're unfamiliar with the Virgin America suite, it's one of the newest suites in AT&T Park that was just built a couple of seasons ago. It's unique because it sits just above RF. You feel like you're practically on the field!


{Side note: Wendy and I met when we were roommates 12 years ago! We lived together for a year then completely lost touch with each other. We recently reconnected through Facebook and discovered that since being roommates we've both picked up running! She is running the 2nd half of the San Francisco Marathon next month, which will be her very first race!}

One of my favorite things about luxury suites is the food, and this one did not disappoint.

I started off with some Caesar salad, and then chose 2 pulled pork sliders over hot dogs, hamburgers and tacos. I'm not sure that was a better choice but it sure was tasty! When I went back for more salad I discovered an untouched tray of anti-pasta. I loaded up on olives, Portobello mushrooms, asparagus, and artichokes. I wish I'd seen this try before the sliders.

Later in the evening it got really cold so we got Ghirardelli hot chocolates, a staple at this ballpark. It was a lot cheaper than buying (yet another) $50 blanket, and the hot chocolate definitely warmed me up for the rest of the game.

For the rest of the evening I declined the temptation of nachos, as well as a whole basket full of Haagen-Dazs bars which were both major wins for me. Oh, and the G's won too!


{I said no to this...}


A friend of mine had some personal business to attend to in Sacramento so I tagged along for a mini road trip. Actually, I had selfish intentions - I was dying to have lunch at Costa Vida.

If you've ever heard of Cafe Rio, it's exactly like it. And I have a deep love for Cafe Rio so this Costa Vida is the closest thing I have to it. If you've never heard of either, they're both Mexican Grill restaurants.

The sweet pork is to die for (hmmm, sensing a theme here....) so I had the sweet pork salad.


image source

It's probably not the healthiest thing I could have had for lunch on Saturday, but hey, I only visit this place once a year and the salad was a better option than a burrito. I also said no to tortilla strips.

After taking care of business we decided to catch a flick and went to see the new X-Men movie. It was the very first X-Men movie I've ever seen and I must admit - I liked it more than I expected that I would.

As for theatre food, my friend and I got some Dibs. We figured sharing Dibs would be better than each having a Drumstick (another weakness). However, all I ended up having was 2 pieces of Dibs. I got so wrapped up in the movie I forgot to have more.

On the drive back to the Bay Area we stopped for dinner at Tahoe Joe's in Vacaville. It's a typical steak place - like Outback or Black Angus. I ordered a Caesar salad with the dressing on the side and char grilled shrimp with a plain baked potato and steamed veggies (although they were buttered). I said no to the calamari appetizer (another habit that was really to break).

After dinner I was tempted to make an inaugural visit to the famous Fenton's Creamery, but decided I'd had enough for the day.


Aron had arranged a meet-up of Bay Area running bloggers! I'd been to a couple of these in the past and met some wonderful people who have since become good friends, so I wasn't about to miss this one for the world!

We met in the East Bay and went for a nice run along the Ironhorse Trail in Danville. After the run we took over a patio corner outside Peet's and chatted about all things running and blogging for a good couple of hours. We were there for so long that I even got a parking ticket! Actually, it was just a "warning" (next time they will tow my car), but it was worth it!

After the run I got really hungry so I bought a cranberry almond scone from Peet's. Tthere's weren't a whole of lot of healthy options to choose from, but I figured the cranberry and almond part was healthy, right? But then just as I started eating it, one of the girls shared some homemade coffee cake that she made. Goodbye scone!

Coffee cake is my most favorite thing ever! My sister and I used to make it every Saturday morning when we were growing up. It was so delish that I had 2 pieces (we were there for so long that I considered the second piece to be my lunch). Plus, homemade is better than store-bought, right?!

I love bloggers, especially running ones!


{Here's Aron's post with links to each runner's blog!)

By the time dinner rolled around I was back on the bandwagon with a good healthy, balanced dinner.

While this weekend definitely wasn't perfect, I think that for my first attempt at a "healthy weekend" some of the choices I made were better than others. There are some definite areas for improvement, but I also feel that there were some wins that I can build upon for next week.