Reading Blogs

If you couldn’t tell by now, I love everything about blogging. I swear, I could spend all day just reading blogs – I learn so much from the ones that I read. While I’ve never met or had any type of interaction with more than half of the bloggers that I follow, I come to feel like I know these people. And often times I feel like they are writing specifically to me.

As for my own blog, I often forget that anyone can read it. Most of the time the only people who I think read my posts is relatives and the friends who ask what’s going on with me, to which I respond, “Read this week’s posts.”

So imagine my surprise when I received a message from someone who actually reads what I write!

I really love your blog, you inspire me. I live in Vancouver, so I was very excited to see that you are coming up for the BMO. I’m not running this year, so I will be riding my bike to different points to cheer on all my friends and take pictures. We’ll have to hook up before the race so I can cheer you on too!

Wow, I am flabbergasted, flattered and honored that someone would say that about my ramblings.

Today’s Workouts

Yes, today was another two-a-day. I started off the day with a training session with Dave. The past few weeks he has really upped the intensity of my workouts. In other words…they’re really hard. Ohmigosh, I forgot how hard they can get. And today was no exception. We did:

• 3 one-minute planks {these are getting easier}

• 3 one-minute side planks on each side {these are also getting easier, but please don’t tell Dave…he’ll only think of some crazy way to make them harder.}

• 5 sets of this circuit: 1. 15 squats with shoulder presses holding 10# weights in each hand {manageable} 2. 15 push-ups {this made for a total of 195 push-ups in a 12-hour period. And I hate push-ups…just thought I’d remind you of that…} 3. 15 fitness ball squats with lateral raises holding 5# weights in each hand {this is where I thought I was going to die. I would reach a 7 count and then cry thinking, “I’m not even half way there.” Seriously shaky legs afterwards.} 4. 15 jack knife’s aka folding crunches {after the ball squats, anything is manageable}

I watch the Biggest Loser during these workouts for extra motivation. But honestly, the whole time all I’m thinking of is, “I hate this!” But you know what? I’m down 5 lbs from January 1st, so really, I can’t hate it that much!

This evenings workout was an uneventful 45-minutes on the stair mill (the one where the stairs move). It almost became eventful when I zoned out too much, lost my footing and almost fell off the darn thing. But luckily, I was able to recover without anyone noticing (I think).

Between the strength training, running and other cardio workouts that I’ve been doing, I finally feel like it’s paying off. Not just because I lost 5 lbs, but because I feel stronger and leaner. Now I need to work on stretching and rolling more consistently…

PS In a post I wrote earlier this week, I wondered why I get so hungry after swimming. If you were wondering too, here’s an interesting article that a friend sent me about it. Who knew?!?