Recapping the Past 2 Weeks

I didn't write a training recap of the week following the San Jose RnR Half, but it went something like this:

  • Monday: 2-hr Thai Massage that was so tough after 90-minutes I asked if it was almost over.
  • Tuesday: Weekly Acupuncture Treatment
  • Wednesday: ART Treatment by my chiropractor (first visit in 6 weeks)
  • Friday: Weekly PT appointment

Mixed in was a 5.60-mile Speed workout that my chiro chastised me for doing saying that "I should have known better".

In my defense, I felt really good before the run, but not that good after.

A couple of days later I managed to get in a 6-mile run that went fine, followed by a Spin workout the next day.


Last Saturday I attempted an 18-miler. Prior to it my PT advised me really tune in with my body and not push it if I felt like the 18-miles weren't going to happen.

"It's better to be conservative so that you can still run in these last few weeks before the race, rather than to kill yourself trying to hit 18-miles and not be able to run at all afterwards." she said.

With that advice in mind I set out to repeat an 18-mile run in the City.

photo (1)
photo (1)

To make a long story short I made it 13-miles. Turns out my hammy still wasn't ready for the hills. I think if I had run a flat route I would have been able to finish the 18.

The highlights of the run were:

1. I met this guy in the Marina who sets up his own aid station to support all the runners and cyclists out training.


My water bottle needed a refill and I ran into him at the perfect time. I posted this photo on Instagram and got strange questions about "if he charges." Ummm, yes, this is America, of course he does. I don't know what he charges for all the other stuff, but my bottled water was just $1. Pretty reasonable if you ask me and I appreciated the effort.

2. I ran the entire 13-miles with no music. Let me repeat -- 13 MILES WITHOUT MUSIC!

It was my longest ever solo run without listening to tunes. And it wasn't bad at all.

I've gotten pretty tired of the music that I've been listening to and didn't have time to put together a new playlist. I decided to run the first mile without music. It went so well that I decided to try another mile. Then another, then another. I made it through the entire run without feeling the need to turn on my iPod shuffle. I may not have been able to run all 18 miles, but running 13-miles with no music made up for it!


Given how last week went, this past week has been pretty easy:

  • Sun: Rest
  • Mon: 1-hr Swim
  • Tues: 6-miles with the middle 4 at a tempo pace
  • Wed: 30-min Strength Training
  • Thurs: 6-mile Easy Run
  • Fri: 45-min Spin
  • Sat: Rest

I also had my weekly Acupuncture and PT appointments, both of which had favorable results.

Tomorrow I have a 20-miler scheduled that I'm planning to do on a completely flat route. Surprisingly I am not feeling very nervous about it.

Usually at this point in a training cycle I am sick of running and already feeling anxiety about the race. But this time around I feel neither.

Maybe it's because I have removed all the running apps from my iPhone and iPad - you know, the ones that predict finishing times based upon current paces? Or maybe it's because I stopped reading running books and magazines that I think made me start to take running way too seriously? Or maybe it's because I stopped using social media sites like Daily Mile where I felt like I was constantly comparing myself to others and being judged as well.

Perhaps all of the above.

All I do know is that I have put forth my best effort and have done everything I can possibly do to prepare myself with what my body currently allows.

And I have no expectations other than to enjoy and appreciate the experience.

So here's to 20-miles in the AM!