Redefining Breakfast

Whole 30 Day 4 Recap: This morning's breakfast kept me quite full. I didn’t snack at all between breakfast (see below) and lunch.

For lunch I cooked some zoodles and shrimp seasoned with black pepper, minced garlic and fresh lemon juice. Unfortunately it didn’t feel like enough and I got the snack attack mid-afternoon.

Quite honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t felt the need to snack more often this week so I when the cravings finally came around this afternoon I decided to have a little snack so it didn’t get obsessively crazy thinking about food.

I ate a pack of nori. They sell them in snack-size packs at Whole Foods and they even come in different flavors. The pack I ate today was cracked pepper and wasabi. The one pack that I ate satisfied my potato chip craving, and was able to stay on par for the rest of the day.

Whole 30 Thought of the Day

Last Fall, when Dr Ponce advised me to stop eating grains my heart sank. I blurted out to her, “What about oatmeal?!?” You see, steel cut oatmeal with almond butter was go-to breakfast. I went to sleep dreaming about the next morning when I would eat it again. And ate it every single day I did - with a ton of fruit - bananas, strawberries, mangoes, etc.

Having to find a new go-to breakfast wasn’t easy. At first I ate a lot of eggs. That got old fast.

So I started reading Whole30/Paleo blogs and books and learned that I needed to stop thinking of meals a “breakfast”, “lunch” and “dinner” and instead, start thinking of them as, “Meal 1”, “Meal 2”, and “Meal 3.”

Adopting this way of thinking opened up my horizons as to what breakfast “could be.”

Now, one of my favorite “go-to” breakfasts is something I picked up from “It Starts with Food.” It’s called “Morning Mix” and is very easy to make.

Its comprised of:

- Ground meat (they say turkey or pork but I used ground beef) - A diced apple - ⅛ tsp cinnamon - ⅛ tsp nutmeg

I love that its so simple and requires almost no time to prepare and cook!

And it’s quite tasty. I often eat it with ½ a baked sweet potato and top it off with half an avocado.

Morning Mix
Morning Mix

Carbs, protein, fat and a lot of flavor.