Refocusing the Blog

Refocusing the Blog
Refocusing the Blog

Running has been the focal point of this blog for the past five years. After all I did finish four marathons. And trained for nine of them. Not to mention the 20+ half marathons and a bunch of other distance races, I ran. I mean, what else did I have to talk about?

And then I developed Adrenal Fatigue. And was foolish enough to keep training (and failing) for more marathons and half-marathons. The failing part made me stop blogging on a consistent basis. Who wants to rehash what didn’t go well - over and over again.

And now I finally get that the only way to recover from Adrenal Fatigue is to rest. And resting I am doing. And becoming a pro at it - taking it to a whole new level.

I ran 26.78 miles in February (yes, the entire month) and took 17 complete rest days. That’s more than half of month of doing nothing.

And you know what? I feel good! I have energy again! I feel (mostly) recovered. Oh and while I was being inactive, I also lost nine pounds. (But that I attribute to following the Low FODMAPS program).

It’s amazing what can happen when you work WITH your body instead of against it.

With the shift in training, I’ve been thinking about where it leaves this blog. It didn’t not start out as a running blog, and in-spite of writing about running for five years, I never considered it a running blog.

If you haven’t noticed, the past few posts have been tangents about random things I hadn't written about before. I was experimenting and writing about other passions in my daily life.

But after much thought it comes down to this:

My true passions lie in three things: health, fitness and more recently wellness.

I’m still running, albeit shorter distances. And I’m still working out though not as intense as before. Fitness remains - and always will - be a part of me. So I'll continue to blog about that, running included.

But now that I have IBS and Adrenal Fatigue I’m intrigued. About how food, as well as the decisions that we make about our lifestyle, factors into the equation. And not just food, but everything from the cosmetics that we put on our face, to the chemicals that we use to clean our homes.

So moving forward, these are the kinds of topics you can expect to read about here.

And as far as consistency goes, my commitment to you is to blog at least once a week. This I promise. Three times a week would be ideal, but unrealistic for me.

So if you’ve stuck around through my random tangents and inconsistencies, I thank you. You are a gem. And I hope you’ll continue to stick around as things shift a little around here.

Question for you:

Are there specific topics related to health, fitness and wellness that would like to read about in future posts here?