Reiko/Louis' Story

I want to share an email that I received today from my one of my cousin's, Reiko.

For the past several years, Reiko has battled MS. Its a powerful, debilitating disease that ruthlessly attacks the body. Despite the physical limitations she fights, she always, always has a positive attitude. She is so supportive and genuinely concerned over the welfare of others. I have never heard her complain or feel sorry for herself.

Today was a super busy day for me at work. I was scheduled for back-to-back meetings for most of the day. As I felt myself getting stressed about the typical, everyday work issues, I received the following email from Reiko:


I know I've been out of touch with many of you for a while. I'm sorry about that. I've really been struggling with my MS. I'm using a walker with difficulty and when my fatigue kicks in I need to use a wheelchair because I get too tired and weak to stand or walk. When I catch a cold or fever my immune system becomes over taxed and I can't move-- I end up temporarily paralyzed (and try you to stay well with a toddler bringing every cold virus known to man home). All that said, I know I still have a few options left, and I may be able to regain some mobility.

I'm lucky... no, I'M BLESSED to have options.

Today Scott told me about Judy, a coworker of his, who has a 12 year old nephew, named Louis. Louis has an inoperable brain tumor. His Mother and Aunt are planning on spending the next two months with him to try to do all the things Louis wants to do before he becomes too ill. Judy has put together a website with Louis' story and links to contribute.

When things get hard for me, I'm going to think of Louis, a brave little boy with a family who loves him very much.

Please feel free to forward this message.

Be Well,


Reading this email literally brought me to a halt. As I read it, tears welled up in my eyes. I paused to reflect on how fortunate I am to be blessed with good health and how grateful I should be for all the things I have been blessed with in my life. I share her message with you in hopes that it inspires you, the way its inspires and motivates me