Road Rage

Road Rage. We all have it. Some have it more than others. Some inherently have it through family genes. I think I do. From the Gomez side of the family. There a number of us in the Gomez family with road rage. I won't name names, but you know who you are, whether you chose to admit it or not. But it wouldn't be so bad if people knew how to drive!

I drive 30 miles each way to work. That adds up to over 300 miles, 5-days a week. That's 1200 miles a month. Just for work. That's a lot of miles and a lot of road time. I try to enjoy the time by listening to my iPOD.

On the way to work, I have to listen to high energy music to psyche me up for the day. Britney has been my artist of choice lately. Old and new Britney. She might be crazy, but she still makes good music.

On the way home, I start my Burn Playlist to pump me up for a cardio session at the gym.

Most of the time, this makes my commute rather enjoyable; almost therapeutic. But then there are times that I just feel like screaming! There are certain rules of the road that should not be violated during the rush-hour commute:

1. Big Rigs and Moving/Delivery Trucks have no business being on the road during the rush hour! Get up early and start before 6 am or drive the night before! You take up too much space and slow the rest of us down!

2. And if you insist on being on the road at this time, atleast stay out of the fast lane! You can't go fast like the rest of us. One of these days, I AM going to call the number on your truck that asks "How are you driving?"!

3. To all drivers, if you are going to drive less than 70 mph on Hwy 280, MOVE OVER! You have no business being anywhere near the fast lane!

4. If you are talking on the phone, and slow down, MOVE OVER! It kills me to see a slow car in the fast lane and the person is on the phone.

5. If you have to merge lanes, especially in heavy traffic, get OFF the phone and pay attention! You don't know how many accidents I've seen almost caused by you!

6. If you drive an automatic, don't ride your brake! Take you foot off the accelerator to slow down.

7. Drive the pace of traffic! Don't leave huge gaps between you and the car in front of you, especially in slower traffic - on Hwy 92 between 7:45 am and 8:15 am. You cause more traffic by doing this!

8. If you are going to cut me off, you better be going the same speed as me or faster. If you aren't, I might have to cut you off back and go even slower than you, just so you know how it feels!

9. When you merge onto the freeway, make sure you are going the speed of traffic or stay in the slow lane until you get to freeway speed! I don't want to run you over!

10. Hold on to your kids around the streets. Otherwise, I don't want to hear them crying when they get hit for running into the street without looking!