Running, Lately

When we last left off I had been doing a lot of plyos and knee strengthening exercises, and was about to start giving running a go. So I did an “easy” 40-min run last Tuesday. I say “easy” but it was anything but that. What was once an easy pace now felt like my lungs were about to explode. The good news is that the knee held up! In fact, it felt fine on the run, although it felt a little “locked up” in the few hours after it.

I continued with the cross-training and strength building workouts for the rest of the week. I also took a Spin class at my new gym taught by a local runner!

I ran again this past Sunday at the DSE 6-hour Endurance Classic. Long time readers will be familiar with this “race” because I also ran it in…




Everyone from last year showed up again this year; its like our annual thing!

I love this “race” (in reality its a supported long run) because you can run for as long or short as you want! This year my coach told me to run for 45 min which is exactly what I did.

Again I had no knee issues during, and now even after the race. Doing my daily physical therapy exercises, using the tens machine, and focusing on strengthening my knees and hips has made a huge difference.

Unfortunately those things do not help my cardio endurance which is at ground zero right now.

To say running has been humbling lately is an understatement.

A few weeks ago I purchased a new HR monitor that I read about on DC Rainmaker’s blog. There are a few things I love about this HR monitor, specifically:

1. It goes around your forearm vs under your boobs - no chafing. 2. Its rechargeable - no need to figure out batteries. 3. Its compatible to ANT+ and bluetooth so it can also be used at the gym.

My previously easy paces are now Zone 6.

I’ve had (many) injuries in the past but coming back from them didn’t feel as hard as it does right now (or maybe I have short-term memory?).

But then, during @veganrunningmom’s spin class I had an epiphany (probably because it was the hardest I’ve worked in a spin class in ages).

I realized that during my previous injuries I was still a gym rat and still did intense cardio workouts. But this time around I haven’t so it’s not wonder I feel so out of shape.

So now that my knee is feeling better my focus is on building up my cardio again.

Yesterday I ran a 45-min interval workout that felt great (and still no knee pain!). Today I did a 30-min jump rope workout (15 x 1-min intervals with 1-min recovery) and tomorrow I am running stairs.

I have a lot of work ahead of me but I’m excited for it