Running with Friends at the DSE 6-hr Endurance Challenge

Truth be told, last Thursday's run was more of a struggle than I let on. I saw my PT the next day and she thought I might be fatigued since I'm still building back into the swing of things from an extended rest period. So I took last Friday and Saturday as rest days. Normally I hate to take 2 rest days in a row, but it gave me the perfect opportunity to work on the new blog design, so I didn't mind. Sunday I joined my Bay Area Running Friends at the DSE 6-Hour Endurance Challenge.

DSE is a local running club that holds low-key races around the City almost every weekend. I joined the club in January but this was my first event of the year. This particular Sunday marked 2 weeks till the San Francisco Marathon, so this 6-hr Challenge provided the perfect opportunity for runners to have their last long supported run before taper.

It was held at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the course was a 1.1-ish mile loop around Crissy Field. When I first ran this last year I thought it was insane to keep running in a circle (actually in this case, a rectangle), but it turned out to be so much fun -- especially if you have a group of friends running it with you! It's the only event (that I know of) where you get to see everyone along the route.

This year there was a bunch of us who participated. Since we all run different paces, we normally would never see each other during a race. But at this event, at some point we all crossed paths. It was fun to high-five each other, or even run for a few minutes with someone who is faster than I me who I would usually never run with. This never happens in traditional races.

Actually, I wouldn't even call this event a race. There was a clock, but no timing chips. Instead, the organizers tallied the laps of each runner as they started a new loop. It was so much fun - you could start at anytime, run however many laps you wanted, and hang out on the grass with friends for a rest break while snacking on the food from the amazing aid station. Then if you felt like it, start running again.

I ran 8.35 miles. It wasn't the best run, but better than the previous Thursday's. It was also the longest run that I've done since the Portland Half-Marathon in mid-May. Ideally I would like to have been able to run longer, but it's progress, baby steps, but still progress. I’m just happy that I was able to run with my favorite running friends - who could ask for more?!