Running with Purpose

Training for a marathon is different when you are fundraising for charity. I feel a greater sense of responsibility to train smart and do everything that I can to make sure I get my best myself to the Start - and Finish lines. I have a commitment to fulfill, not to just the charity that I am fundraising for, but also to the donors who support my cause.

One of the commitments that I made to my donors was to more fully document my training. One donor pointed out to me this past week that they'd like to read more detailed posts about my training so I am going to attempt to do a better job of it. I'm not exactly sure if I'll write detailed weekly recaps like I've done in the past, or a daily recap. Each has its pros (more details) and cons (more time), but I'll experiment, and probably do a little of both.

Here's the recap of the past week:

Mon, 8/20

I started the week off with an early morning (5:45 am!) swim at an indoor pool. This is almost like a Rest Day because I'm not pushing the pace. I also used a pull buoy so it was an upper body workout with my legs having complete rest. 1550-meter swim in 40-minutes.

That evening I went out to Seal Point and did some of my dynamic physical therapy (PT) exercises. I stood on one of the concrete benches and almost got toppled over because it was so windy. I think it counts are "core" work. :) I went through my single leg exercises of dips, skateboarders, reverse skateboarders and frog legs. One day I'll do a visual post of photos or videos detailing these exercises. This took about 30-minutes, then I ran up (and walked down) this hill a few times.


Tues, 8/21

I intended to do this 50-minute run in the AM but woke up with a foggy head. I put the run off till lunchtime but that didn't happen. That afternoon I had an acupuncture appointment in the City and decided to run along the Embarcadero. I packed my running gear and planned to drop a bag off at a locker in 24-hr Fitness. However, my acupuncture appointment left me woozy and dazed, something that hadn't happened after my first two appointments. I actually had to sit down for a minute in the waiting area because I felt okay to walk out to the street. When I did, I found myself walking straight to the BART station and coming home.

By the time I got home I felt much better. I put on my new kicks and took them out for an inaugural run.


Like with all my recent runs the first 10-minutes was a warm up mile, after which I stopped to stretch out my legs and so some PT exercises. Then I continued on with six 2-minute intervals and finished with a cool down for a 50-minute, 4.95-mile run.

Wed, 8/22

I worked out with Trainer Dave at Seal Point and did three sets of:

-15 Regular Push-ups - 12 TRX Low Rows: he made me do these at a steeper angle making it MUCH harder - 12 TRX High Y Reverse Flies - 15 TRX Hip Pikes

And then he made me run up and down the steep hill again.

I had a 40-minute easy run scheduled thereafter, but I got asked to pick up Jas and babysit her that evening which I was happy to do.


{This was my attempt to feed her shrimp quinoa for dinner. She ate all the shrimp and then was done with it.}

Thurs, 8/22

A full day of work meetings had me running in the evenings. It's warmer and windier, but I don't mind because soon it will be too dark to do so.

I ran my 10-minute warm-up mile, did my stretches and strength exercises, and then finished out the rest of the run without incident. I'm continuing to take a 60-second walk break after every mile to keep the recovery process going smoothly. 6.21 miles, 9:57 min/mi pace.

Fri, 8/23

I went to a 6:15 am Spin class at UCSF, and then did some PT exercises on the weight machines before my RunFit Physical Therapy appointment.

That evening I worked out with Trainer Dave again and begged him not to work my legs too much since I had a long run scheduled for Saturday.

4 sets of: - 10 TRX Atomic Push-ups - 20 TRX Low Rows (angle not as steep as Wednesday's workout since I did more reps) - 10 TRX Single Leg Squats with Rows, on each leg - 20 TRX Squats with Bicep Curls - 15 TX High Y Reverse Flies - 10 Step Ups with High Knee Lifts, on each leg

Sat, 8/24

I ran the same route that I did last Saturday, but extended it by a mile out to run 11-miles. Also like last week I did a 10-minute warm up on the treadmill at UCSF doing a series of PT exercises, then was on the road shortly after 8 am. The weather was a little cooler, and foggier, in other words, perfect. I extended my 60-second walk break at the halfway point (5.5 miles) to check out the America's Cup happenings going on at the Marina Green.


I thought the America's Cup was scheduled for Summer 2013, so I am so confused as to what was going on here...

With the walk breaks, my run finished at 11.48 miles, 10:29 min/mi pace. After the run I spent about 30-minutes stretching at UCSF.


Legs at the Wall is my favorite post-run stretch!

At this point I consider myself past injury and into recovery. My symptoms are diminishing and my recovery time is quicker. As you can read, I'm really putting a lot of emphasis on strength training and I think it's paying dividends. Later this week I promise to detail some of the PT exercises I'm doing and the milestones I'm trying to progress to.