September Was A Good Month

With several weeks of training under my belt, I have reached the point where I am tired, sore and cranky. And this past week I had my first "I don't want to run today" moment of this training cycle. It was a just a fleeting moment that was followed by a good run, but it pretty much sums up the past week.

After last Saturday's 17-miler, training continued as follows:

Sun, 9/23 Rest

Mon, 9/24 Easy 40-min Swim for 1525 meters

I was so pleased with how my body recovered from the weekend's long run. But then I got a massage and left feeling worse than when I went in. My physical therapist suggested that there might have still been some lactic acid in my legs that the massaged released. Makes sense, and I still love massages. :)

Tues, 9/25 6.56-miles of a warm-up, cool down and middle miles at a tempo pace

This was a hard workout for me and is the one that made me feel tired, sore and cranky.

Wed, 9/26 Easy 5-mile Run << the day I didn't feel like running 1-hour Strength Training

I saw my acupuncturist that evening and I swear, the treatment took all the icky feelings away. I slept like a baby that night, woke up with no soreness on Thursday and the Chinese herbs that she has me take relieves stress and lightens my moods.

Thurs, 9/27 5.80 miles of 400's

Fri, 9/28 I didn't feel like going to my planned Spin class. I overslept and missed my intended Yoga class. So I did a mishmash of things at the gym before my physical therapy appointment:

I experimented on the elliptical machine that moves side-to-side vs. forward backward. As expected, I lasted only 15-min and continue to think that the elliptical is the most boring thing on earth.

Then I did 15-min of PT exercises on weight machines - hip adduction, hip abduction, single-leg press, hip extensions, etc.

And lastly, during my PT appointment I ran on the TM for 15-min while my physical therapist evaluated, and was pleased with improvements in my form.

Sat, 9/29 18-mile Run

Sun, 9/30 Rest

I'm closing out September with my highest monthly mileage of the year, and ever -- 147.52 miles.

I'll admit, I was tempted to run 2.52 miles yesterday to have a nice even 150 miles this month, but I've learned to love, honor and respect Rest Days. I'd like to think this newfound respect is the reason why my body has held up to be able to run all these miles this month.