Sharing What I Love - 01.11.2013

Five Things I Love This Week:

1. Gluten-Free Walnut Flax and Chicken Strips

I grew up with a mother who doesn't eat red meat, and a father allergic to shellfish, so we ate a lot of chicken. A LOT of chicken. As an adult, it's not my favorite thing to eat. But once in a while I find a recipe that intrigues me, like this one. I already had all of other the ingredients at home so I picked up a pound of chicken breasts and decided to give it a try. And what do you know, it was sooo good!

However, I do not (yet) own cooling racks so I cooked them directly on a baking sheet. It wasn't as crispy as I would have liked but close enough - and very flavorful.

One tip though - next time I think I need to make more of the walnut/flax mix because by the time I dipped the last of chicken strips in it, it was all goey from the egg mix.

2. Crispy Edamame

My January challenge of not eating refined sugar meets its most difficult moments every afternoon at about 3 pm. I can only eat so much hummus and baby carrots so I went in search of other snacks to concoct. I found this recipe that fulfilled my salt cravings but would also keep me full. It does have Parmesan cheese which doesn't fully agree with my stomach so I reduced what the recipe calls for by a lot and just sprinkled it on very lightly.

3. Tub & Shower Magic

Growing up my main chore was to clean the bathroom. I have spent many hours in my lifetime scrubbing the tub and shower and swear I burned hundreds of calories doing so. I have used just about every cleaner that exists, so when I saw this one on Pinterest, well, it piqued my interest.

The first time I attempted to make the solution I used a spray bottle that wasn't big enough. There was no space to shake it so the liquids could blend together. I got a bigger spray bottle (the size of a Windex) which worked out perfect. I sprayed it in the tub and on the shower walls and started lightly scrubbing. Almost immediately I saw all the soap scum wash away. I purposefully missed some spots so I could see what the difference was and it was significant. It was the cleanest my tub and shower has been in years.

4. I Heart Organizing Blog

A blog after my own heart! Now that I'm working from home I'm inspired to put some effort into organizing my desk armoire.

5. "Fill your heart with hope and believe in yourself."

Kristin tweeted this . It's the perfect for the New Year. I have been, and will continue to repeat this to myself over and over again in 2013.