Shift 'n Lift + Yoga Tune-Up

I've been a member at my gym since the doors first opened in January 2004. Its the place where I made the life change to become an active person. I've had a lot of fun there, learning new things and making new friends. Of course this all happened when it was still Golds Gym. Crunch Fitness took over a few months ago and its been downhill every since. They've made the gym become a place about being *trendy* (they don't call it Spin, they call it "The Ride") and they've started canceling a bunch of classes that I've attended for years -- like the Monday 5:30 am Spin class.

Shift 'n Lift

So, I went to 24-Hour Fitness (my back-up gym) and attended my first "Cycle Shift 'n Lift" class at instead. (Its a long story of how this happened, but belonging to 2 gyms has worked well for me over the past year.) The Web description for this class read:

This class incorporates indoor cycling for your cardio workout followed by barbell/handweight exercises to improve power and strength.

Cardio & weight training all in one? Cool! I'd never been to a group exercise class at 24-Hour before and wasn't sure what the "drill" was. When I got there, I saw everyone setting up their station so I just followed along. I picked a Spin bike, then set-up a step and got a set of heavy weights (8#), light weights (5#) and a mat.

The instructor arrived just before 6 am, and started the class 5-minutes late. She also didn't bother to ask if anyone was new or explain what to expect, etc. One of the things that Gold's Gyms are known for are their awesome classes, so I am used to having top-notch instructors; this part of the class bugged me. As did not having the computer on the Spin bike to tell you the elapsed time and miles spun. So I started the class off with a very skeptical attitude.

But that soon changed as the class progressed.

The entire class consisted of intervals -- 3-minutes on the Spin bike (hills, speed work, mixtures of both), alternating with 3-minutes of weight exercises:

- Overhead shoulder presses - Upright rows - Squats on the step - Triceps - Biceps - Torso twists & abs

Sounds simple right? Well, after 3 straight minutes of overhead shoulder presses this morning, I can barely lifts my arms this evening. It was such a GREAT workout! Both my legs and arms were shaky at the end of it. I will definitely be back for more!

Yoga Tune-Up

Since I was feeling sore, I came home after work and popped in my Yoga Tune-Up DVD. I was introduced to Yoga Tune-Up last year and its one of the classes that Crunch still offers. Unfortunately, I'm not always able to make the evening class, so I got this DVD:


It offers different yoga routines for the type of workouts that you regularly do; i.e., tennis, golf, swimming, and of course, running. I've been doing the yoga for running section for a couple of weeks now and I really like it! This is saying a lot because:

1. As much as I try to convince myself, I really don't enjoy yoga that much. It's too slow-paced for me. 2. I have zero ability to do any type of workout dvd at home. I usually end-up trying it for 5-minutes, then watching the rest of it while sitting on the couch.

So its pretty amazing that I've been able to do keep up with doing this routine for the past couple of weeks. Its only 20-minutes long (not long enough to get bored) and hits all my trouble areas - hamstrings, IT Band, glutes, etc. And, the lady who's in it is very conversational, and not at all annoying like some of the other Yoga DVD's I've tried at home (you know what I'm talking about). :)