I make up names for my usual running routes like "Lagoon Loop" or "Around the Bump." Each time I run these routes I see the same folks running, walking, biking, doing tai chi, roller blading, etc.

I've never spoken to any of these people except for a wave or a "morning."

So like my usual routes I make up names for some of the regulars like:

"Cotton-Wearing Lady": a fellow runner who wears cotton every time I see her running. If she didn't wear headphones and completely ignore my "Hi" I would ask her how she doesn't chafe.

"The Stunner": the older fellow who gets completely taken aback every time I say wave and say, "Good morning!" This includes the second time I see him on the out-and-back. Like clockwork.

"Smoking Lady": the lady who wears sunglasses, a track suit and Saucony's (yes I noticed) and sits on a bench while talking on her cell phone and smoking a cigarette. She looks like a runner but all she does is sit there chat and smoke. I'm so confused.

You get the idea.

These are the people who I wondered about when I read "Sonder"on Tumblr.


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Do you ever see the same people out running and wonder what their epic story is?