S.O.S. - Save Our Season!

red-batphone3 S.O.S. -- Save Our Season! Brian Sabean, you are Commissioner Gordon and the your phone is ringing; save this season!

This was Damon Bruce's analogy on KNBR tonight after yet another dismal loss by the G's. Whether I agree with him or not, Damon Bruce always gets me fired up. He tells it like it is and the Giants have given him - and the rest of us fans - a lot to talk about. More like be disgusted about.

I mean does this team even get it? Do they not know that the San Francisco Giants have never won a World Series?! We are good fans. Loyal fans. HUNGRY fans. Do you know how much time, money and emotion I have invested in this organization? And yet despite five losing seasons, the fans are still with them. We WANT them to win. We are DYING for them to win. If you don't believe me, just log on to Twitter and search for "#SFGiants". For heavens sakes, give us something to cheer about.

The at-bats in these post ASG games have been pathetic. To quote @extrabaggs (Andrew Baggarly's column):

* "It's 235 — the number of at-bats since their last home run." * "Benji Molina's two singles were the only base runners through seven innings against Jair Jurrgens."

They made Jurrgens look like Cy Young himself. Someone (like the hitting coach perhaps?!) needs to sit these guys down and force them to watch videos Barry Bond's at-bats. Have a plan when at the plate. Even if you don't get a hit, at least have a quality at-bat. Go deep in the count. Make the pitcher work for the out. Sheesh! You're supposed to make the pitcher work harder as the game progresses, not make it easier for him.

I have to wonder, is acquiring one hitter even going to make a difference? This team has so many holes. The magic we felt just two weeks ago is fading fast; reality is coming back to slap us back in the face.

The trade deadline is nine days away -- this team can't wait that long. In nine days, the season may be over. They need help now. Its 911 time!

We're heading into a huge weekend series in Colorado against the Rockies who have suddenly become the hottest team in baseball. Then its home to face the Bucs again (who seem to always have our number) and then the Phillies.

The last time Sabean made a significant move in July was when they acquired Sidney Ponson in 2003. Will he do it again?

All I would like to see from this team is passion and competitive spirits to make it an exciting ride to try to get to the post season. I don't think its too much to ask, because after all, once you get to the post season, its just a "crapshoot" right?