Sticking to the Plan Gets Results

A month ago I was up 10 lbs from my "happy" weight, 4 lbs above my "acceptable max" weight. That marathon training had me hungry all. the. time. So when it was over I sat down with my nutritionist to make a plan on how to cut back on my calorie intake and get back to my happy range. After 30 days I'd actually had gained another pound. So during last month's visit we decided that we would limit my calories to my RMR level of 1757/day. That's about 450-500 less then what I had been eating. The first week and a half was one big fail. I simply could not do it. Then 2 1/2 weeks ago I forced myself to do it. That first week was torture. At precisely 3 pm I was crawling the walls wanting to snack. At 5 pm, during the pau hana hour, I'd search my cabinets for something salty, only to find nothing since I'd thrown everything out. At dinner I'd force myself to only 1 serving, no more second helpings.

Towards the end of that week, it wasn't so bad anymore. My body started to adjust. It got even easier when I saw the pounds start to come off. I was cautious at first, thinking maybe it was just water, but it's held steady so far - 4 lbs! That's all the motivation I need to keep it up.

A typical day goes something like:

Breakfast (pre-workout) Oatmeal with a tablespoon of honey and 1/8 cup of sliced raw almonds

Morning Snacks Banana-Frozen Strawberries-Flaxseed Oil-Light Chocolate Soy Milk Smoothie (post-workout) 2 hard-boiled egg whites 1 string cheese

Lunch Leftovers or a salad Strawberries

Afternoon Snacks Fruit 2 hard-boiled egg whites 1 serving of chips (lately I'm liking the "Food Should Taste Good" brand)

Dinner Leftovers

Evening Snack Chocolate Granola

I say "leftovers" for lunch and dinner because I usually make a big dish of something on Sunday and eat it for both lunch and dinner through Tuesday or so, then make something else that takes me through Thursday (Friday's I eat out). I have an adverse reaction to touching raw meat so these meals are mostly seafood dishes with vegetables and quinoa, pasta or brown rice.

I've realized that the key for me to stick to the plan is to drink lots of water and not interpreting thirst for hunger, stop mindless snacking at my desk and portion control.

I had my June check-in with my nutritionist today and she was more than delighted to hear the progress! We went over everything that I've been eating and she recommended taking advantage of the season by grilling and eating lots of the produce that's in season right now. She said I also need to increase my protein; a smoothie with some protein powder would do that and it could serve a double purpose of avoiding the temptation of ice cream or frozen yogurt (major weaknesses) during the summer months. As for snacking, she suggested I try hummus - something I've never had before (I had an interesting experience with chickpeas in Asia that left me no longer having any appetite for it). But everyone I know loves it, so perhaps I'll give it a try.

Now the next challenge is to keep it up through the weekend that will be filled with birthday celebrations, friends visiting from out-of-town, and of course Giants baseball! How will I keep myself away from the macho nachos?!