Summer Fun Stuff!

Can you believe that its June already? I can't either, but I'm so glad its here! Summer officially upon us (by the way, that means foggy weather in San Francisco) and I have some great things planned for the summer!

June- See Jane Run:

This Saturday I'll be running the 5K at the See Jane Run! This is a women's only race hosted by See Jane Run, a local athletic store. I was invited to run this race with the team of bloggers that I met last week. I had only heard great things about this event and knew that I could not pass up the chance to participate. I've already picked up my bib and goodie bag; can't wait to race again!


- The Giant Race: Next Saturday, June 11th, I'll be running The Giant Race, hosted by the San Francisco Giants!

Last year they just had a 5K, so when I heard about the half-marathon at Fan Fest back in February, there was no question that I'd be running it!

It starts behind the park, runs through the City (the only race to run through North Beach), then ends crossing home plate.


I'm so stoked to be racing with my fellow Giants fans: Missy, PunkRockRunner, KarinMP, Legaleagle88, and KRace7. Who else is running?

I've been peppering the SFGiants for race details, and whoever runs their Twitter account has been AWESOME in answering all my questions. They told me that Cliff Shots (Mocha and Strawberry) and Power Ade will be served at the aid stations. Thank you to whoever you are! Information like this helps to plan out the race day logistics.

Oh, and the race registration also included a ticket to the game the night before the race versus the Oakland A's. I already got my ticket in the mail! Gonna be carb loading on macho nachos and Ghirardelli sundaes! (totally not joking...)


- Vacation: Not a race, but just as exciting! I booked a trip to visit my relatives in Vancouver, WA (just outside of Portland). Its my home-away-from-home-away-from-home. I thought I'd spend 10 relaxing days enjoying the Pacific Northwest summer. Turns out I'll only be there for about 3 days. Then we're packing up the crew and going on a road trip to Disneyland, then continuing on to Arizona! I am so excited! Definitely not looking forward to the SoCal and AZ summer heat, but it will be worth it to be on holiday with these guys!


- SFM: I'm skipping out on Vegas, the final leg of the road trip, to head home in time for the San Francisco Marathon. I'm running the first half so I can race across the Golden Gate Bridge?! Don't get me wrong, I've run across it several times, but I haven't raced across it before. It starts at 5 am, so I'm not sure how much of it I'll see, but I'm sure it'll be a memorable event!

Seems like there's going to be quite a few people from Twitter and the Daily Mile running it, so I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!


I'm not registered for any races in August and September (at least not yet). I have been eyeing a couple of sprint triathlons in August and September, but I haven't fully committed yet (the whole bike thing is still holding me back).

But I'll still be plenty of busy because I'll be in the thick of training for my second marathon! Yep, I've signed up to run the Portland Marathon in October.

October(San Francisco doesn't feel like summer until the Fall, so October still counts as "summer")

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me if I would run another one. I responded with, Yes, because Marin wasn't "the one." I need a redo!

So, why Portland? I'd actually registered for and got accepted into the Nike Women's Marathon (the one where finishers get a Tiffany's necklace). But after running Marin, I just can't do hills again, at least not for a second one. Shortly after getting accepted into Nike, I started reading "Going the Distance", a book on the history of the Portland Marathon. The more I read, the more I knew I wanted to run it.

1. I liked that its been around for a long time and the whole city comes out to support. And hello, its in Oregon, which is like running mecca! 2. Its mostly flat - only 3 hills.


3. Its in the City, no "lands of desolation." 4. The weather "should" be cooler. 5. My family is there and they'll be doing the 10K Mayor's Walk!

There's a lot of work to be done - a lot of miles to be run, but that's when the fun start! I can't wait!