Sunday Dinner

It's Sunday dinner and yet again I'm trying new recipes from Can You Stay For Dinner. What can I say? Her recipes are SO GOOD and instructors so thorough, even *I* can follow them....sort of.

Tonight I made:

1. Homemade Marina Sauce: Yes, that's right, homemade. I didn't take the easy way out (at least not on this) - miracles do happen.

- I'm too lazy to mince garlic so I used 3 tbsps of the pre-minced garlic. I followed the rest of the recipe as written.

2. Chicken Parmesan Wraps: This is an appetizer, but I loved it so much I ate all of it for dinner. Yes, all 12 of them. Dipped in the aforementioned Homemade Marinara Sauce. Well, I had to, the won ton wrappers would have turned stale or soggy had I held them for leftovers.

- So.......I take out all of the ingredients and realize that i bought Monterey Jack cheese instead of Mozzarella. I wasn't about to make a last minute trip to the store, so the MJC would have to do.

- This is where I took the easy way out and used an already roasted rotisserie chicken; I just deboned it.

- The won ton wrappers are pretty tiny and you can't put much into them; i.e., don't overfill them or else it won't close.

- I don't have the wire racks she recommends so I used a baking sheet and sprayed it with Pam. Once all 12 wraps were made I sprayed the whole thing with Pam.

- Baked for 12 minutes and it came out just the way I liked it - nice and crispy!

3. Three Cheese Baked Ziti: In one of my favorites episodes of "The Sopranos" AJ finds out that Olivia isn't coming over for a family dinner. He asks, "What, no f'n ziti?" So of course, I had to try this!

- Again, MJC instead of Mozzarella.

- Since I couldn't add very much to the wraps, I had a lot of chicken left over so I added it to this recipe.

- I ate so many of the wraps that I really couldn't eat much of this. I just had a few bites, tasted great and will be having it for leftovers.

Overall, everything came out pretty darn good. I just need to work on my technique and presentation (hence no photos)!