I honestly don't understand how weekend days go by soooo fast. Another weekend is coming to an end and the Sunday night dread is setting in. Thankfully, its been a pretty productive day for me; I've been able to cross off almost everything on my weekend "To-Do" list.

Sunday Swim

I started the day off at the pool for a Sunday morning swim. When I got there, all the lanes were already doubled-up so I sat in the whirlpool while I waited for a lane to open up. The whirlpool felt so good, I didn't want to get out. But that only lasts for less than 10 minutes, eventually it gets so hot I can't take it anymore.

I mosied on over to the pool and asked this old lady if I could share a lane with her. She hesitated and then told me I need to use the inside lane cause she needs to be next to the wall. I'm like, "Okay, no problem." I proceeded to start with 200 m just with the kick board. It takes me a while to get used to being in the pool so the kick board is a good way for me to acclimate. It suddenly became apparently clear that this lady just wasn't interested in lane sharing. She was doing water aerobics or something and kept spinning (not like on a bike, but moving in circles) around, crossing over the line. I just tried to stay out of her way.

It was my first time using a pull buoy and to be honest, I don't even know if I used it right. It's an adjustment to get used to. I really hope I'm supposed to feel like I'm doing a lot more core work because that's where I felt it. I rotated my hips/core a lot more. Sometimes it felt like I had the hang of it, but other times I felt like I was just flailing along. It also didn't help that the old lady whacked me a couple of times with her Styrofoam weight.

Aqua Weights
Aqua Weights

Her spinning also caused a current, which I guess was a good simulation for outdoor swimming. Anyway, I did that for 400 m (counting letters A-P), then used the same Styrofoam weights to aqua-jog for 400 m. The goal was to loosen the legs after yesterday's run, which I definitely did.