Superbowl Sunday Eats

Like most of the rest of America, I spent Sunday at a Super Bowl party. It was a potluck so I spent the morning making a few dishes. Yes, that’s right, I prepared almost an entire meal instead of doing what I usually do – ordering takeout. Thankfully, a few of the foodie blogs that I follow had posted recipes for Superbowl Parties so I flipped through them to find a few things that looked manageable for my skills.

Appetizer - Picked up the traditional chips, salsa and guac from Whole Foods. My personal preference is Blue Corn Tortilla chips and fresh pico de gallo

- Tried this Tuna Rangoon recipe. Normally I like to copy and paste the actual recipes onto my post; a pet peeve of mine is having to click to another site to see the actual recipe. But the original blogger did such a fine job of explaining the recipe with photos. Go ahead, see for yourself. Its one of the best blogs I’ve come across in terms of posting recipes to follow. The best part of her posts is that she posts the calorie and nutrient breakdown of each dish. I love this!

Main Dish - I made Paula Deen’s Taco Soup. I know I’ve posted it on here before, and I’ll probably do it again because it’s an old favorite. It’s such an easy recipe to make; you honestly can’t screw it up. And it’s a hearty, delish dish – can’t beat that.

Dessert - 100 calorie Chocolate cupcakes – another recipe from Can You Stay for Dinner. I used whole-wheat pastry flour and made regular sized cupcakes. I wasn’t sure how they would taste, you know, being the “healthy” version of chocolate cupcakes…but they were pretty good! I liked them! And they were easy enough that I’ll definitely be making them again. Oh, and I didn’t make any frosting – I’m not a frosting person.

In addition to what I made, we had a huge spread of hamburger sliders, pulled pork sliders, spinach salad, lots of fresh fruit (cherries, pineapples and strawberries) and tons of other stuff (like mini Drumstick ice cream weakness). If I was a food blogger, I would’ve taken photos of the spread, but sadly, I forgot.

Instead, I leave you with a random photo a tweet I posted shortly after the Superbowl game ended: