Brazen Racing

Coyote Hills Half-Marathon

When I woke up on race morning, the last very last thing that I wanted to do was to run a race. For once I had slept up to my alarm and I wanted nothing more than to continue sleeping. If I hadn’t made plans to meet up with friends who were also doing the race, I would likely have skipped it altogether. Truth. Coyote Hills is in Fremont (as I just learned), which is about 20-minutes away from me. The race didn’t start until 9 am but I knew that the 5/10K had sold out, so I wanted to get there early for parking.

Summer Breezing...

Ever since Tuesday, I’ve been limping around, barely able to walk. Wednesday was a rest day, and another visit to see Dr. Eva. As I hoped, she had expected me to be *very* sore after the deep muscle work she did on my left calf on Tuesday. By Thursday, I felt slightly better but was still hobbling around, as I continued to do on Friday. Since I couldn’t run, I swam and went to Spin on those days instead. When I saw Dr. Eva on Friday afternoon, she seemed puzzled, and troubled that I was still in so much pain. She pointed out that while its probably related to the issues we had been working on over the past few weeks, this pain was in a different location.