Anything Can Happen In 40 Yards...

I woke up early this morning and checked my Buckeye Outdoors calendar to see what workout my coach had scheduled for me today. It was a speed workout of running lines on the football field where I basically run a lot of 10-100 yard sprints. I had done a similar workout many moons ago and have been doing this specific workout periodically over the past few months. As a football fan, it’s a pretty fun workout. I may or may not pretend to have a football tucked under my arm running for my life from the Defense.

Time To Start Rebuilding

After 2 days of family, fun and lots of food (we could've fed a small nation with the amount of food consumed), it's time to get back on the bandwagon and start rebuilding myself to where I was a month ago. Last week I had my regular appointment with Dr. Eva, my chiropractor. I've been seeing for the past 18 months for ART, adjustments and well, running advice too since she's also a marathoner. She is the only medical professional who I felt that could give me a true assessment of my injury.