My Third Marathoniversary

April 25th will always hold a special place on my calendar. That’s because it was on this date, three years ago today that I ran my first marathon - the Marin Marathon. It was the first and only year that this race offered a full marathon. In hindsight I wish I picked a different marathon to run; one that flatter, with more runners and spectators. But being a newbie those factors never crossed my mind when selecting the race.

What's Next {aka Fear the Race}


I made it all of eight days without being registered for a marathon. The truth is, within hours after NYCM being cancelled I knew what I wanted to do next.

But in that moment I was so emotional about the race being cancelled that I had a "West Coast Bias full court press" going on. So I forced myself to take some time to mull over it and make sure it was not just a reactive decision, but one that I truly wanted.