My Long Run Hydration Gear History

I was chatting with a friend today about blogging and how there’s so many things we want to blog about - for sharing purposes, for journaling, and what not. But then we keep putting it off and before you know, time has past and it feels irrelevant to blog about it now. To avoid that again, I’m resolving to finish a number of posts that I have either half-written or been meaning to write about this training cycle before, you know, the race is over (like in 12 days, but who’s counting).

The Sequel Is Never As Good As The Original

Two Falls ago, I was hanging out at my local Road Runner Sports. I can't remember exactly why I was there, but I do know I was NOT there for shoes. But while I was there I watched the staff set up a new display of Brooks Running shoes called Pure Project. I had not heard of the line, and had no idea what they were but I let myself be talked into found myself trying them on. Before I knew it I was handing over my debit card for a pair of Pure Cadences.