Quiet Before The Storm

After a two hour delay at SFO, we arrived yesterday in the early evening. Alyssa and I parted ways at the airport - she to visit with friends for the evening and me to my downtown hotel. I took a cab into the city, checked in, then promptly climbed into the hotel's signature "heavenly" bed. Although this trip is all about running with friends, I looked forward to savoring some alone time in a hotel room. I was excited to indulge in room service, catch up on reading and watch the premiere of Scandal.

A Marathon Recovery Vacation

Following SFM I took a week's worth of PTO and went on vacation to recover from the race and the months of training that led up to it. The day after the race I had a much-needed massage, slept, and then went to the SF Giants game. My cousin Jenna hadn't been to the ballpark since it was called Pacific Bell Park back in 2000, and she was long overdue for a visit. I had a lot of fun introducing her to my favorite foods at the park. It was the start of "Eat All Things" week.