Ten Years

this week, 10 years ago, i moved to the bay area. it was the best move i ever made.

this was my "home away from home" during college. it was too expensive to fly between hawai'i and utah all the time so i spent thanksgivings and weekend getaways visiting uncle jerry and the family here in south city. from way back then, i always knew i would end up living in the bay.

i'm so grateful to fred for opening the door for my move to san francisco. i loved working in the city and i can honestly say that i never truly understood what it meant to be a giants and niners fan until i met janice. :)

over the past decade i've met wonderful people, had amazing experiences and ate at some of the best restaurants (its always about the food!). i've seen many people come and go; sure its expensive but its worth it. i love the diversity, the climate and most of all of the opportunities that the bay area offers. this is my second home (molokai will always be home) and i can never see myself leaving...i mean, where else is there to go? (other than paris!)...