Test Run

My foot has been feeling better the past few days. I can finally walk down stairs normally and the foot has full range of motion. And since it's been 13 days since my last run so I decided to go for a test run this evening. Throughout the day all I could think about was how this run would go. When the workday came to end, I grabbed by gym bag and headed to the bathroom to change. I surprised myself by having butterflies in my stomach. Really?!

I was so happy to put on my running shoes and my Garmin. I felt like I had to brush the dust off of them. After I changed, I returned to my desk to gather the rest of my stuff. As I packed up, I looked at my Runners World calendar (they keep sending it to me every year) and noticed this quote for June:


Kinda appropro, no? I don't know how I hadn't noticed it before.

I decided to run on a softer surface at the high school track. While driving there I kept repeating to myself, "Be smart about this - don't over do it." I even changed my Garmin screens so that I only saw the distance and not paces. I would have preferred to not use the Garmin at all, but I was afraid I'd lose track of how many laps I'd run around the track.

I told myself that I'd be happy with one mile. The goal was just to see my foot would feel during the run. The first lap felt awkward in both feet so I stopped and did some stretches and then continued on. As per usual, my left foot warmed up and felt fine. The right one felt better than I expected.

My honest expectations were that I would run/walk the mile. But after that first break I was able to run the entire time. After a very conservative first mile, I decided that to go for another one. It felt even better than the first and I was tempted to go for a third one and make it a 5K. But I reminded myself to "make smart choices." While my foot didn't feel as bad as I expected, but it also isn't 100% yet. To err on the side of caution, I'm going to see a podiatrist tomorrow; just to be sure there isn't anything more serious than what I think it is. We'll see how it feels in the morning.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled to know that I hadn't lost much cardiovascularly (is that even a word?!). It felt great just to be running again!

I won't even complain about the toasty temps that have hit the Bay Area...


...71 degrees on the Peninsula is equivalent to the 90's every where else...

Summer has definitely arrived.