The Big Picture

I’m very happy that today is a rest day. After 3 days of double workouts this week, I really need it. Even though it’s a rest day, I’m naturally an early riser and on days where I don’t have an early morning workout, or work meeting, I like to spend a few hours alone in solitude – catching up on emails, reading, and doing some reflection. When I feel wronged, slighted or disappointed, my first instinct is to retaliate and/or retreat, but having this personal time helps me to gain a better perspective.

Yesterday was a particularly hard day from dealing with difficult people to receiving disappointing news. Personally, disappointment is one of the worst feelings for me to experience. And it’s not necessarily because of the news itself, but rather, dealing with the fall-out, and the change that is forced to happen – or in this case, not happen.

When I received the news, all I wanted to go was to go for a run. But I still had a few hours before that was to happen. So I talked to my amazingly supportive friends and bided my time. When I got to the track to run, it was a great release to let all that anxiety out. I ran just 4-miles, and I wanted to run longer, but I have a half-marathon scheduled for tomorrow, and had to be smart about it.

After the workout, I felt a lot better, but was still a little bugged. But this morning, as I read through all the blog posts in my Google Reader, I came across this gem from Kim Samie:

Every "rejection" or "failure" is an opportunity for something else, different paths to discover. And there are no bad opportunities or wrong paths. Just the opportunity or path you happened to be offered or decide to take. Sometimes you create these opportunities or paths for yourself; other times you have a little help along the way. Sometimes you take a path, realize it's not right for you and take another one. Or you just run out of a certain path or get tired of it and need to make another way. But as long as you are honest to yourself and others, you will get to where you are supposed to be.

And that, my friends, is the big picture.

Boom. That’s what I needed to be reminded of. Now I know the right decision was made for me. Why? Because as much as I fooled myself into thinking I was going to a better situation, in reality, I was really running from a less ideal one. And that’s not the kind of changes that I want to make.

The paths that I need to take are out there, I just need to find them…or create them.