the caveman experience

they say the 3 areas of good health are diet, exercise and sleep.

well i workout anywhere from 9-14 hours a week so i think i got the exercise part down. and i get 7-8 hours of sleep every night (i try to go to bed at 9 pm) but i still don't feel like i'm getting the results i should be having.

so dave told me to try an all-natural diet -- caveman style. basically, if it wasn't eaten 2000 years ago, its out. no processed foods.

of course i waited till after the annual easter pigout, so today was day one. i'm not going to lie - it was hard...

i usually start the day with 2 cups of kashi heart-to-heart cereal (pre-gym). but since its a processed food, its out. instead i had an apple.

after the gym, i usually have a strawberry - banana - soy milk - flax seed oil smoothie. its natural enough for me so i'm keeping this one.

for my morning snack, i had a hard-boiled egg. please don't fall over in shock. yes, eggs are among my most hated foods, but its supposedly really good for you so i gave it another chance. shockingly, it wasn't so bad and kept me full for the rest of the morning. and no, i didnt eat the yolk -- i can only try so many new things at once.

for lunch, i had a piece of broiled salmon, seasoned with lemon juice and some fingerling potatoes. good stuff, something i normally eat.

during the rest of the afternoon i snacked on raw almonds, pine nuts and sunflower kernels. it was hard. everyday at 3 pm i usually have a dark chocolate-almond zone bar. i was wanting one so badly, but instead, i had an orange.

for dinner, i had a piece of sirloin steak with grilled carrots and cauliflower. i posted the recipe to my other blog - you can find it at instead of butter, i used a little bit of olive oil. i'm not sure if its good or bad, and i did burn the carrots -- i didnt even know one could burn carrots. but i still ate them (of course!).

so now i can say i survived day one; i hope it gets easier on day 2.

ps the race training is still going well. had a great long run during the weekend. but tonight my feet acted up again so i had to cut tonight's run short (only 2miles) but if i can get a couple more 3-5 mile runs in during the week, i should be good for 8 miles on saturday.