The Dailey Method


I’ve been running at the track all winter. Every time I go there I see this across the street...

...and for weeks, I wondered what it was. It used to be a running store, but that closed a couple of years ago. I finally googled it and discovered what the The Dailey Method is:

What Is The Dailey Method? from Doug McIntosh on Vimeo.

A workout based on Pilates, yoga and ballet. I was intrigued. I need to do more core work, but it’s my own personal hell to do them on my own. And I also need to improve my flexibility because I'm the most inflexible person in America.

I thought that this just might be the perfect compliment to round out my weekly strength training sessions with my trainer, my weekly yoga class, and the daily training schedule my running coach sets for me.

So I sent them an email, explaining my current workout schedule and that I am training for a number of races. I received this response:

The Dailey Method is an amazing form of exercise for runners to gain strength and flexibility. The work we do at The Dailey Method is about creating a well-rounded exercise that effectively works the entire body with non-to-low impact, orthopedically safe positions. You will get a ton of core strengthening exercises throughout the entire class, but you will also work on the lower body (legs) and strengthening the quadriceps, as well as the upper body (arms, chest, shoulders, etc). In addition, the flexibility exercises we do in class will help to alleviate tightness and allow for better range of motion in the joints. All of this will help to balance the body and decrease risk of injury while running. Runners who take our class find that they become faster and stronger runners quickly.

Our instructors are trained to work with individuals during the class, so you will get personal attention and adjustments as needed. Also, the Method is about working within your own body and range of motion and flexibility. There are always modifications to decrease or increase the intensity of the workout.

Then I found out that they were offering a new client special which lowered the cost to less than $15 per class. So of course, I signed up, and have been to 2 classes so far.

The first class had 4 people, including myself, so it was perfect for a first-timer. I had a conversation with the instructor beforehand so she was aware that this was my first Dailey Method experience. Throughout the class she was attentive to me and showed me modifications for the exercises I had trouble with; i.e., the ones that involve hip flexors.

My second class was this morning; this time with 8 people in class. The instructor was different, but just as helpful as the first. The exercises were also different than the first class. This time there was less exercises that made my hip flexors hurt, and much more on the core.

The heaviest weights used for arm exercises are 5 pounders and even they are too heavy for me. Some of the exercises are very basic, but the slightest turn of the leg, or angle of the foot makes a huge difference! I find it amazing that the movements can be very small, but still be very effective; i.e., you feel the burn. A lot.

I can see how going 3 or 4 times a week could really transform ones body. That’s not in the cards for me, at least for right now, but I’m very happy going once a week. Even after just 2 classes I can already feel the an effect it's having on my body. I left this morning's class feeling like I’m in the best physical shape that I’ve been in, in a long time. Regardless of whether that’s true or not, it's an amazing feeling. I feel leaner and stronger, and I think I might even see a hint of definition in my abs :)

I love trying new things and right now I’m very happy with The Dailey Method.