The Day That Wasn't

I had this day all planned out -- run a half-marathon in the morning, then head on over to the Giants game in the afternoon.

US Half Marathon

I was scheduled to run this race that starts along the waterfront in San Francisco, then crosses the Golden Gate Bridge and back. I've never ran a race across the GGB before so I was really looking forward to it. It was to be my last longish run before the Marin Marathon (which is now 13 days away). Since its an uphill climb got the bridge, it would have been the perfect last longish run. But since I been having foot problems, I was skeptical that I could still participate.

I've had to cut back on my training, picking my spots of when and where to run. I put things to a test in the middle of last week and was able to run 3 pain-free miles, but the foot still felt tender. At that point, I'd more or less decided to skip the race, but still left the slightest window of opportunity open, so I went ahead and picked up my race packet. If anything, at least I would get the race shirt - I mean I paid for it, right?!


(When I saw the bib, I had to laugh because it didn't come out the way it was supposed to. When we registered, we could write something that we wanted printed on the bib. I wrote, "Naomi - Believe!" I guess there's wasn't enough room for it. My friend's name is "Belina" so I guess we were supposed to run this race together. LOL)

As I put more thought into the situation, I decided that I had to keep the bigger picture in mind. If I wanted to run the full, and I knew that I was very close to being back, I just needed to let it rest so I can come back 100%. So that's what I'm doing. I skipped the race and am not running until Wednesday or Thursday this week. Its proven to be beneficial because my foot feel stronger and stronger every day.

While I was disappointed not to be able to run the US Half, I'm not too devastated because:

1. It was cold and rainy in San Francisco yesterday (we're talking torrential storm).

2. I am registered to run the first half of the San Francisco Marathon in July which also goes across the GGB!

3. There's another US Half Marathon in November.

I had still planned to go to the race, cheer and support the friends that were running it, unfortunately I overslept and never made it.

Giants Game Later in the day, I went back to AT&T Park for my second game of the 2010 season. I was particularly excited for this game because it was the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the park and the return of the 2000 Giants team (one of my favorites)!

I clearly remember the first Opening Day at then Pacific Bell Park - April 11, 2000. I had a friend visiting from out of town and we had stayed in the City. I remember waking up that morning, turning on the news and watching all the morning shows broadcast from the park. One of the big concerns they reported, was the lack of parking. Ironically, there's even less parking at the ballpark now, then there was then. Condos and university buildings now occupy the original parking lots. As I walked to work, I could feel the buzz throughout the City over the excitement of the new park.

Although I wasn't able to go to Opening Day, I did go to Opening Night. Joe Nathan was the starting pitcher and like yesterday, it was also a rainy night. I went to the game with my cousins Shari (who I go to all games with), Jeff and Troy. We slowly made our way to our seats, taking in everything about the yard. It was simply beautiful. When we got to our seats, we found that there were only 3 seats there. We called the usher over to verify that we were in the correct location. We were in the right place, but one chair was missing so he brought over a seat and with a drill in hand, screwed it into the ground right then and there.

That first season at PacBell Park was so much fun. The team was outstanding and we went to as many games as possible. I remember sitting in the bleachers the night that Shawn Estes hit a grand slam, I remember a bunch of walk-off home runs, and of course, the 3-run HR by JT Snow during the NLDS playoffs vs the Mets. It was a fun, fun team to watch and I was beyond excited to see them reunite.

Only thing was...yep, the rain. Ironically, on the day of the 10-year celebration of AT&T park, the conditions felt like we were back at Candlestick.


As usual, I was going to the game with Shari. This time, her husband and 4-yr old daughter was to join us. They had spent the weekend in Sacramento so we planned to meet up at the park. As I was getting ready for the game, she texted me to say that there was torrential rain coming down during their drive back to the Bay. I texted her back and said, "I'm going, no matter what." Shari replied by saying she was too, but her husband might bail (he's a Dodger fan, figures...).

By the time I got to the park, it was raining very hard. But it was still early, so I had hope. I met up with some friends and we all headed to the Club Level where we were able to stay warm and dry during the rain delay. Thank goodness for Club Level seats! Game time came and went and the rain just kept coming down harder and harder.

During the rain delay we discovered that the 2000 team was in the Legends suite, which is on the Club Level. While I didn't get to see all of the 2000 team, I did get to see a few of them. Thank goodness because they ended up not having the reunion ceremony. It was so disappointing, I was so ready to hear their names called out again.

Shockingly, the rain eventually let up and after a 4-hour rain delay, the finally game got under way. Even though we missed out on the 2000 team, we were treated to an outstanding performance by Tim Lincecum and some nice hitting by the offense. Hopefully this 2010 team can keep things rolling and treat us to a fun season the way the 2000 team did.