the dish

the dish is a 3 1/2 mile, VERY HILLY, running path around a big satellite dish in palo alto. i used to run and walk it a lot after work. but now that i work on the peninsula, i never get to go there.

so this morning, i decided to take advantage of the holiday and go for a run at the dish. at 9 am, i thought i was early but i was wrong. it was pretty crowded so i parked at the end of the line of cars (parking is just roadside gravel parking).

the first hill is very steep so i walked it as my warm-up. at the top of that first hill is a fork -- go right to walk, go left to run. i went left and soon remembered how tough the first half mile was -- all up hill! when i run, i always think of michi's advice, "just don't stop!" but this time i had to; i was heaving so bad i thought i was going to pass out! plus it was very, hot and the sun was beating down on me! when the path leveled out, i got myself on a steady pace by positioning myself behind this guy who was running a few feet in front of me.

i had equipped myself with my new arch brace and water bottle that i bought yesterday. both gave me trouble. the waterbottle weighed down my right shoulder and eventually i had to take the arch brace off because it was too uncomfortable -- no help at all.

when i got to the highest peak, i took this photo of the gorgeous view. the photo has a lot of dry grass in it cause i'm short and couldn't get a better shot of the panoramic view, but it is really nice.


but what comes up, must come down. the down hills were pretty steep too. i had to bruce myself all the way down. the last 3 hills were pretty brutal but i pushed myself and finished but with a very slow time. it was a pretty crappy run but i met my goal of doing a hilly 3 mile run.

when i got back to my car, i found a present waiting for me -- a $35 parking ticket! i couldn't believe it! it was the second time i got a ticket at the dish. when did parking tickets become $35?!?