The First Rainy Run of the Season

Yesterday the Bay Area was blessed with its first storm of the season. The forecast called for the rain to arrive on Friday and continue through Saturday. On Friday I started to get antsy with anticipation because...


I couldn't wait to stomp through puddles!

On Saturday morning I woke and listened for raindrops. I heard the pitter-patter and ran to the window. I was giddy with excitement to see dark clouds and rain falling. I quickly got dressed and headed out the door for a 5-mile run.

Not even a half a mile into the run I had to stop and remove layers. As usual, I had overdressed. I need to remember that rain doesn't necessarily mean cold.

The rain was a light mist - not as heavy as it looked. It showered down on my arms and face as I crunched the autumn leaves, jumped into puddles and savored the moment.

I felt so free!

There is nothing better than running in the Fall!


As perfect as that run was my legs weren't quite so springy. Right now I'm cutting mileage in favor of more intense workouts and my legs felt every single one that I had done in the past week:

Sun, Nov 11 This was just an easy 4-mile jaunt around the neighborhood. No Garmin, no iPod.

Mon, Nov 12 I took my second TRX Boot camp class and was less sore than the first. “Less" being the relative word.

Tues, Nov 13 A 4.62-mile Run of 200's at the high school track. This one tested my non-existent math skills.

Wed, Nov 14 After 2 weeks off I resumed my personal training sessions with Trainer Dave. In this workout we used the TRX as usual, but since my knee is pretty much at 100% he had me run stairs. Three sets up and down all 110 of them.


Thurs, Nov 15 I did a 4.28-mile Run of continuous stairs. I guess this is what happens when you tell your running coach that you just registered for the San Francisco Marathon. Despite feeling every single stair that I ran the day before I felt pretty happy with my paces.

Fri, Nov 16 My first double day in a few weeks, and my first Spin class in ages. I went to a 6 am Spin class with a new instructor who had me wishing the class was over 12-minutes into it. That includes the warm-up. We also climbed and push the effort for 41 straight minutes. FOURTY ONE STRAIGHT MINUTES. My quads were on fire.

Four hours after Spin class ended I had another personal training session with Trainer Dave that full of planks, side planks, TRX stuff, squats, Kettle bell swings and more squats.

You can see why my legs were dead by Saturday's rainy run.