The Future of My Blogging


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It’s been quiet in my little corner of the internet lately. Over the past few months I’ve sporadically written a post or two, but its been a while since I’ve blogged on a "somewhat" regular basis.

It hasn't been for a lack of things to say, but more trying to figure out what’s appropriate to blog about.

For the better part of the past four years the primary topic of my blog has been about fitness and running. While those topics continue to be a huge part of my life, I’ve rediscovered other things that I was once passionate about that took a back seat to my running obsession.

A number of my favorite running bloggers have retired their blogs which left a void in my blog reading. To fill the void I set out on a mission to discover new blogs to read. While I’ve found a few new (to me) running blogs, I began to gravitate to other topics - like blogs on writing, fashion and lifestyle, organization, pet, and even random topics like gardening (true story!).

I find myself so excited but the new things I'm reading and discovering. I've wanted to share them, but wasn't sure if this was the place to do so. Or would I need to have a blog for each topic I am interested writing about?

I felt overwhelmed just thinking about it and went through a period of wondering if I wanted to continue blogging altogether. But let's be honest - I love blogging. I love reading blogs, reading about how to blog, learning about blog design...I love pretty much everything about it.

So yes I still wanted to blog, but was still unsure about what direction to take my blog in. There are so many “do’s and dont's" about blogging -- that you have to be focused, that you have to have a “niche”, blah, blah, blah.

Well I'm not into all of that. I prefer the old school way of blogging - blogging because you just want to, not because you have a product to promote (there are a number of once-great blogs that I've stopped reading because every single post became a "sponsored" post...).

I'm not trying to build a business, nor am I trying to monetize my blog. I just a place to share my thoughts, passions and perspectives.

Back in the day I named my blog “The Tao of Me” because I purposefully wanted a name that wouldn’t be tied to a niche. I wanted a name that would be flexible so as to allow me to blog about a variety of topics as my interests changed over time. In other words, precisely where I find myself now.

So while I will continue write about my fitness and training endeavors, I’m broadening my horizons to other areas of interests. Who knows what that will be - every day brings new discoveries. get me back into the habit of blogging, I’m committing to posting every day for the next 30-days. I have no idea what I'll be blogging about, the goal is just to make it habit again. So settle in, you’re about to get a scary glimpse into my random way of thinking.


PS One of the new blogs I recently discovered posted this incredibly personal and insightful post on blogging. I embraced these words upon first read because I couldn’t have said it better myself (really, I couldn’t have):

Sometimes I can’t help but question (yes, I question myself a lot, so much that my mind goes in circles all the time, it is pretty much a miracle I remain relatively sane) my own motives for publishing a public journal. If I truly write for myself, then it wouldn’t make a difference if it is private, isn’t it? What do I seek to achieve by publishing these repetitive seemingly inane thoughts? Am I secretly egoistic (alright, not so secret) by wishing that people can relate to my words?

Today while eating breakfast and checking my twitter timeline, I had another epiphany (yup, full of those lately, this is why we cannot be workaholics, we need to be lazy in order to be effective at work). I was smiling genuinely from my heart when I read about other people’s public sharing of their journeys. It was then I realized, I am still writing for myself, because when I share what I write, I am lighting the way for other people to be themselves – when they share what they write, they light up the way for me to have the courage to be myself.

When more of us have the courage to be ourselves, to forge our own paths, perhaps we could collectively light up this world.

Still selfish, yet still intricately connected to the collective consciousness, still not mutually exclusive."

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