The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Its Sunday evening. Another weekend has gone by, once again, way too quickly.

The Good

We are having our annual summer event at work, which this year, includes a fun run. I’d been ask to coordinate it and I’d been putting off going to map out a 5K course. Somehow August just kinda snuck up on me and the event is less than 2 weeks away. So on Friday, I forced myself out to the event site to get to work.

I’d had a 5-mile run scheduled and contemplated doing it first, then mapping out the 5K after. But honestly, I had no interest in running 8 miles that day, especially since I couldn’t even crank out more than 1 the day before.

After my 6 am class at the gym, I came home and did some work (while waiting for traffic to die down), then headed down to Shoreline mid-morning. My planned workout was to do 1 mile @ 9:45, 3 miles @ 9:00 and 1 mile @ 9:45.

My results were: 9:33, 8:41, 8:48, 8:38, 9:35. These are unusually fast times for me. I have no idea where this came from, other than, I had forgotten my earphones and wanted to get the whole darn thing over with ASAP!

I felt pretty darn good about this, and was relieved to finally get the course mapped out. And how convenient was it that the loop that I ran came out to exactly 3.1 miles!


It finally feels like things are starting to come together. We still have a few details to iron out, but I think its going to be a fun little activity for my colleagues. We’ll even have some bling for Finishers, and when we’re done, we can enjoy this:


The Bad and The Ugly I was supposed to spend Saturday with friends, but they got strep throat. So instead of making other plans, I decided to stay in and get to bed early since I had 17 miles planned for Sunday.

I had wanted to get out the door by 6 am, but I despite being in bed by 10 pm, I couldn’t even drag myself out of bed until just before 7 am. I had a bowl of granola (note: that I have every morning). I also decided to try a packet of Gatorade Prime. You know, the one they talk about in this:

or this:

I had been at Sports Authority earlier this week, and when I saw them at the checkout counter I thought I’d give it a try. Talk about being a sucker for good marketing. And I don't even like Peyton Manning. What was I thinking?!

It wrecked my stomach like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I puked a few times and had to make multiple bathroom stops along the way (thank goodness I was near Target). I was too scared to eat any of my Hammer gels, or drink any Cytomax, so I just sipped water a few times.

I came home at 12 miles to regroup, then headed back out only to puke again. At that point, I decided that enough was enough. My suffering couldn’t go on and I ended the day at 13 miles.

The frustrating thing is that with all the hurting I’ve been feeling lately, my legs still felt pretty good. And despite the lack of fuel, I wasn’t even that tired. Such a bummer.

Later this afternoon I was talking to my Dad and he, being an ex-coach of all things, lectured me on trying new things, especially before a long workout. Yes, I’d already known this, but didn't think it would be that big of a deal. Lesson learned.

Despite the crappy run, here's one good thing that came out of it. I took this photo at the start of this morning’s run. I found the scene serenely peaceful.