The Life Captured Project

I spent a lot of last year trying to figure out what my true passions are. Sometimes it is so obvious, yet I am often oblivious.

So I started paying attention to the things that excited me. One thing that I kept coming back to was journaling.

For the past several years I’ve used this blog as my digital journal. You may have noticed that I use this blog as a place for storytelling vs. a place for promotion or expertise.

And while I love doing that, I wanted to get more introspective with my entries. And I wasn't comfortable sharing some of my deeper thoughts on the blog.

So I decided to go back to journaling analog-style. (I will have a post on this!)

At first it was hard. I would sit down to write and was stumped about what to write about. I found myself just recapping my day, which is pretty routine and boring.

Then one day, as I perused my feed of random Instagram photos I came across the #lifecapturedproject. It sounded intriging, so I clicked on it to see what it was about. I started combing through all the photos hash-tagged with it.

I learned that it was a project started by two women in Australia. They posted a month of journaling prompts to encourage people to write more.

I got excited! Here was something that provided me a topic to write about every day! The list of prompts varied. Some days they were deep and introspective, and other days they were light-hearted. It was a nice balance and I couldn't wait to get started!

I'm happy to report that I wrote for all 31 days in December!

At the end of every evening I'd turned off the television and other electronics. I'd sit down and spend 30-45 minutes writing my response to the prompt and letting my thoughts flow.

It was therapeutic and the perfect way to wind down my day. It cleared my mind and gave me perspective on things I usually struggle with during the holidays.

When December was over, I wasn’t sure if the project would continue. But yesterday they posted a new list of prompts for January! I'm so thrilled about this! Its become the part of my day that I look forward to the most!

Won’t you join the fun?