The Life Change Challenge

During recent conversations with friends and family members, the topic has come up where they want to start exercising again, eat healthier and ultimately, lose weight. But we all know how hard this is to do, especially on your own. I was fortunate enough to have a good support system that, six years ago, helped me make a life change and now its my turn to help others. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a few holiday challenges that I was planning to participate in. As I told my friends/family about them, many of them said, "I wish I had something like that too" so I decided to moderate a challenge for them. I call it the "Life Change Challenge."

There are 12 eager participants, each with their own individual goals, scattered throughout Hawai'i, Washington, Northern/Southern California, Iowa, Ohio and Las Vegas. They are all are from various parts of my life - family, friends, colleagues, friends of colleagues, former colleagues - not all of them know each other. So to create a feeling of community I created blog for sharing motivational thoughts, quotes, tips, recipes, etc. while using Google Groups for a discussion board and to post weekly scores and updates. I even made a logo too! These tools are allowing them to build a support system for each other where they are already sharing tips and ideas amongst themselves. I love it!


Last week was the first complete week of the challenge and last night I had so much fun tallying up their results. They're off to a great start!


As for me, last night I went to Yoga Tune-Up class. I've mentioned it before but didn't really know how to describe it. This is straight from the class flier:

Tune Up Hips, Shoulders, Spine, Neck, Feet & Hands: Accelerate the benefits of yoga and training by identifying and strengthening ‘body blind spots’ - areas of the body that tend to get overused or underused and are typically the catalyst for pain and injury.

Consciously Condition Movements and Major Muscles: Epic integrates a tri-focus on strength, movement, and awareness through mindful, functional exercise. Learn and practice adapting and progressing your exercise, improve your results, and take ownership of your development.

Restore and Renew: Dive into conscious relaxation and stress reduction as you experience techniques to relieve tension, calm nerves, and set your body up to be fully refreshed and renewed.

The focus of last night's class was on Warrior 2 and having a strong foundation. The class started off doing various exercises to prepare our bodies for the build up to do the best Warrior 2 pose that's available to each of us individually. It was hard! My bad hamstring limits my movement so my edge is not where it used to be. But even though it was hard, I enjoyed the class a lot and felt a lot more limber after.

I skipped this morning's workout again (free weight class) in favor of more stretching and rolling. I also haven't run since Saturday but I'm planning on a short 3-miles tomorrow, then just a mile or so on Saturday. With my legs feeling the way they are, I want to keep things low so I can be as fresh as possible on race day! Five days left - and counting!