The One with Ross' Tan

I'm sitting on my couch, with my feet propped up on my fitness ball, watching Friends. For about the past year, I've been tivo'ing Friends, so as you can imagine that I've probably seen every episode there is.

One of my favorite shows is "The One with Ross's Tan." Have you seen it? Isn't it hilarious?

Ross is envious of Monica's tan, so he goes to the studio to get sprayed himself, but messes up the simple instructions of counting and turning around, so he ends up dark as a nicker on the front and seemingly lily-white on the back.

Chandler: Oh my God! You can do a duet of 'Ebony & Ivory' all by yourself.
Monica: How could you mess this up? You go in the booth, you count to five...
Ross: How do you count to five?
Monica: One, two, three...
Ross: Dammit!
Rachel: [after seeing Ross's tan] What is up with Miss Hawaiian Tropic?

I find this so funny because I can relate! Yes, I've been spray tanning! I'm not ashamed to admit it. I don't go all the time; I've only gone once and it was right before I went to Hawai'i last Spring.

I can attest from personal experience that the instructions aren't always simple. There are a lot of steps to follow. As the little teenage worker girl is giving me directions, I'm busy looking at her tan, wondering how many times she gets sprayed and if she gets them for free. Then I'm looking at the instructional posters on the wall trying to memorize them, all the while sort of listening to what she's saying.

She's talking about about putting this lotion thing on my hands and feet so those areas don't get stained. Then she gives me some shower cap to protect my hair and scalp. Yada, yada, yada.

I tell her I'm good and she leaves and I get ready to go into the booth. As I get in, I panic..."Oh crap! What did she say again?"

Ross: "How do I know when its going to start?"

I stand there, nervously waiting, squinting to read those posters on the wall, only I don't have my glasses and can't see that far.

Ross: "My eyes, my eyes!"

Yep, the spraying starts and I get sprayed in the eyes. NOT GOOD.

Ross: "You sprayed my front twice!"

Remembering this episode, I was very conscience to be sure that I turned around so that both sides were evenly sprayed.

Once the spraying is done, there all these additional steps to follow like toweling off your hands, feet, elbows and knees to prevent blotting, etc. I don't want to admit to the girl that I hadn't listened to her so I tell her that I followed all of her directions but still have some dark spots on my feet. Luckily, they're not as obvious a mess-up as Ross'.

Ross: "I'm an 8!"

After the whole experience, I was disappointed. I didn't think it made that much of a difference. Maybe on my face and only for the first day or so. Oh well, chalk it up to a new experience! And at least I always have a back-up option when I'm too pale for a tropical vacation!