The Past Two and A Half Weeks

It doesn't seem like it's been two and half weeks since my last post mostly because I've written dozens of posts in my head. They just haven't made it to "paper." I guess in lieu of writing a draft, proofreading it, formatting photos, uploading, posting, etc. I've been busy being social and enjoying the summer. Some of the things I've been up to:

+ Went to the NKOTB / 98 Degrees / Boyz II Men concert. Boyz II Men and NKOTB were great! 98 Degrees not so much…

+ Tried a new Spin class at my company's fitness center.

It was the worst Spin class I've ever been to:

- The fastest song played was "Landslide." - The instructor never got on a bike. - And had personal conversations during class with her "regulars."

The drop-in fee was only $1 so I guess you really do get what you pay for.

+ Had the most amazing dinner at Nettie's Crab Shack...

...I ate the whole thing.

+ Dropped a 136-point word against one of my most challenging opponents

+ Tried the new Surf line by Bumble and Bumble. Well the Surf Spray isn't new (and is a must have) but the shampoo and conditioner is. My review: I love it (and I wasn't endorsed to say so…).

+ Also tried this Macadamia Nut Honey Coconut Peanut Butter from North Shore Goodies. I also loved it and again am not endorsed to say so.

+ Started making "sorbet's" in my Vitamix:

This one is made up of:

1 banana 1 c frozen strawberries 1 c fresh blackberries 1 tbsp cacao powder

Topped with 1 tbsp slivered almonds and 1 tbsp mini chocolate chips.

Its been a great way to enjoy a cold snack during the summer that's not ice cream or frozen yogurt.

+ Speaking of which I am slowly started to accept the fact that I can never, ever have dairy again. I'm lactose intolerant so dairy has always made me a little sick but not enough to really "suffer." This has all changed. These days whenever I have even just a little bit dairy my stomach reacts so violently I feel like I'm going to die (okay, maybe a little dramatic but trust me, I've suffered.).

Last weekend I had this salad at the Nordstrom Cafe and forgot to say "no cheese."

It only had a little mozzarella but it made me ill enough to swear off ever eating dairy again. It’s been three days and I'm still feeling the effects of it. Sigh. You have no idea how sad this makes me.

+ As for running, its been going really well! My coach has me more or less back on my usual schedule of speed work on Tuesdays, tempo-ish run on Thursdays, a longish run on Saturday and a day or two of easy runs and cross training in between.

Two weekends ago I ran at Sawyers Camp with my friend Yvette who is much faster than I am - in Vibrams no less. I was nervous to run with her, as I am whenever I run with anyone else (hence why I run alone 99% of the time). But Yvette doesn't wear a Garmin nor does she care about paces or anything.

She just runs for the love of running - imagine that!

Anyway, she knows what my usual paces are and was still willing to run with me so I met her bright and early for a 7-miles for me / 8-miles for her run. It felt like an ultra tempo run for me. I worked hard to keep up with her conversational pace meaning -- SHE MADE ME TALK THE WHOLE TIME! I wanted to die, but she insisted that its good conditioning.

Secretly I really loved it.

What's not to love when you get to run in a place like this?!

...regular blogging (hopefully) to resume soon...