The Playbook

I love to read. and while I love to read books (I'm in the middle of reading 5 right now), I am a magazine junkie. Elle, Vogue, Allure, Travel & Leisure, Coastal Living, Inc, Money, Entertainment Weekly - you know, those ones that they offer subscriptions for when your airlines miles are expiring. Plus - Runner's World, Shape, Self, Fitness Magazine, Women's Health, Eating Well. To keep up with them all, I have to read them as soon as they arrive - if I fall behind, its impossible to catch-up.

When I'm done reading them, they're recycled. But some of those magazines, especially the fitness ones have a lot of great information and it would be a waste to throw them out. So before I throw them out, I tear out the workouts and file them in a binder that I call "The Playbook."

The Playbook is simply a binder with sheet covers and index dividers. I file the workouts in the plastic sheet covers and categorize them in the binder by:

- Stretches - Cardio - Exercises with equipment - Programs

The Stretching, Workouts with Equipment and Programs are useful resources for at-home or traveling workouts. The cardio workouts are great to take to the gym. It can get pretty boring on the cardio equipment at the gym; these workouts mix things up. Since you have to change levels, inclines or speeds, the time definitely goes by faster.

I've found that the best cardio workouts come from Shape Magazine. They print cardio workouts for the treadmill, stair climber, elliptical, rowing machine and stationary bike. And they'll even throw in a complimentary strength exercise you can do at the end of the workout, and they also suggest a few tunes as well.

My favorite one is an interval treadmill workout:

0-3 min: Walk at 3.5 3-10 min: Run at 5.0 10-11 min: Run at 7.0-8.0 11-13 min: Run at 5.0 13-14 min: Run at 7.0-8.0 14-16 min: Run at 5.0 16-17 min: Run at 7.0-8.0 17-19 min: Run at 5.0 19-20 min: Run at 7.0-8.0 20-22 min: Run at 5.0 22-23 min: Run at 7.0-8.0 23-25 min: Run at 5.0 25-30 min: Cool down at 5.0

I've run this one so often that its ingrained in my memory. But I also change it up too. Sometimes I'll run it back-to-back; other times I'll start the intervals at 7.1 and increase the speed by .1 each time so the last interval is at 7.5. I'll also run 25-30 min at 5.0 but increase the incline each minute. There's so many changes that I have to stay focused and pay attention the entire time and before I know it, times up!

I've been maintaining this Playbook for about 5 years now. I've built up quite a collection of good stuff!

The Weekend I already got in my first workout of the weekend this morning. I'm planning an easy 6-miler tomorrow, though I haven't decided where to run at yet. Being that this is still my first week back at running in a month, my goal is to keep things slow and steady. At some point I'd like to get in one or two swim workouts - in all likelihood, it'll probably be on Sunday.

This is my first weekend home in what seems like forever. My goals for this weekend are:

1. Clean my desk and purge the junk. 2. Get organized. 3. Don't to pig out and ruin a pretty good week of eating healthy and working out. 4. Play fat dog - there's a lot of TiVo and Netflix to catch up on. 5. Sleep.

Have a great weekend!

What Made Me Happy Today Its Aloha Friday! No work till Monday! Photo of the Day This photo was actually taken last night of a car fire on 101 NB by SFO...a terrible thing happen, but I thought the picture looked kinda cool.