The Silent Treatment

I didn't get a chance to practice any yoga since my double day last Friday so I decided to take a Bikram class after work this evening. The class wasn't very crowded (normally our mats are practically on top of each other) so there was plenty of room to space ourselves out. Just as the class was about to begin, the instructor announced that it would be a "Silent" class.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Silent Bikram Yoga, here's a description of what it is:

"Turn inward, listen to your breath, make your class a moving meditation, and explore a group practice a whole new way. Our silent classes move through the Bikram Yoga series to background music without dialogue from the teacher. Best for students who have taken a minimum of ten Bikram Yoga classes."

I consider Silent Bikram for more advanced yogis, which I am definitely not. Naturally, I was nervous, but another instructor was situated next to me (as a student) and I knew I could follow her if I got lost or confused.

As I've previously mentioned, my current experience with yoga is teaching me how to connect the mind and body. I've particularly felt this when practicing Yin Yoga because it is meditative. However, tonight I also experienced it with Silent Bikram.

Instead of hearing the instructor call out the counts of every pose, or push us to hold and lengthen a little longer, I was able to embrace the silence and concentrate on my form, breathing and flow - all at my own pace. It was relaxing, peaceful if you will, and to be perfectly honest, the best way to wind down a hectic Monday.

It was my 10th Bikram class, so I guess it was perfect timing! But above all, it was a confidence builder and showed me how much I have learned in just a short 30 days.

Speaking of 30 days today marked the last day of my introductory 30 days for $30 offer. When I started it, my goal was to attend 15 classes. I ended up taking a total of 22 classes, equaling 28 hours of practice!

I am so excited about this that I plan to reward myself with a new (Lulu?) yoga mat! My current mat is over 6 years old and was a birthday gift from an old friend, so I think I am deserving of a new one...

...especially since I'm continuing my membership! Yep, now that my introductory package is over, I decided to commit to my practice and extend my membership to an unlimited monthly package. My goal is to take 4-5 classes a week, and if I can stick to it, then it'll cost a very reasonable $4-5 per class.

The benefits of yoga are plentiful and I'm excited to see where it will take me!