The Staycation

My staycation is over, but it was fun while it lasted. Coming off of last weekend's race, I was feeling good about the effort and mileage I was building... 47635-502-012f(Race photo from last week)

...but was supposed to go out of town this past weekend and wasn't quite sure how I was going to keep up the momentum. But plans changed at the last minute and I ended up having a 4-day weekend at home! I was so excited; me, unscheduled, with nothing to do! The best part of the whole break was being able to get some quality workouts in, without any time restraints. And my new toy made the workouts even more fun.


After last week's race I thought my Garmin 305 died on me. I panicked because I HAVE to run with my Garmin. So, I went out to get a new one and ended up with the Garmin 310XT, which is even better than the 305. Its waterproof, so I can swim with it, syncs wirelessly, and the new web-based software is very, very cool -- nice upgrade from the desktop client I was using.

Thursday - Swim This was the first time I'd actually used any type of tracking device during swimming. Before Friday, I'd been swimming blind, not knowing anything about my performance. Now that I have a benchmark to measure how I'm doing, I can get more out of my swim workouts.

Distance: 1.02 miles Time: 22:19 Calories: 219 Temp: 52 degrees

I have no point-of-reference, so I have no idea if this is good or not.

I also was able to get out to Danville to see my massage therapist, Heather Hindmarsh. Its a far drive to see her, but she's well worth it. She specializes in working with athletes, lately a lot of runners and triathletes, so she knows just where the troublesome areas are. She does a trigger-point massage on me and its painful. VERY PAINFUL. But very worth it. You can read my Yelp review on Heather here.

Friday - Run Friday's are usually reserved for easy runs at a conversational pace (in prep for long runs on Saturdays). It was the first run after my painful massage. The pain in my foot was considerably less and my legs felt a lot looser, but I started to feel a little tingling in my hammy. I ran 3 hours later than usual but luckily it was overcast so still cool.

Distance: 5 miles Time: 48 minutes Pace: 10:04 min/mi Calories: 433 Temp: 55 degrees

I spent the rest of Friday, with Wendy, one of my BFF's. We did a little shopping and stopped in at Lululemon where I discovered a whole bunch of items that were just marked down. Of course I had to get a few new running tops! :)

But by the late afternoon/evening, I hurt all over -- foot, hip, hamstring, but my IT band was the worst. This was a new one. I swear, I am so injury-prone. I was planning to run 10-miles the next day and seriously wondered if I could/should. So before going to bed, I rolled for an hour on the foam roller, with a rolling pin and the theracane. If I didn't feel better in the morning, I'd cancel the run.

Saturday - The Long Run I woke up a little stiff, but felt better than the night before, so I lathered myself with Biofreeze and put my new "Run Swiftly Tech" Lulu top. It made me feel swiftly - lol. I prefer to run in tank tops, but I have chafing issues so I normally run using long-sleeved shirts. But I'm getting tired of it so I hoped this t-shirt style top would be a good compromise. (BTW - loved the shirt but I still chafed).

I headed out to Sawyers Camp. Its one of my favorite places for long runs. Its marked every half mile and is shaded from direct sunlight.


I walked for a 1/2 mile to warm-up before actually starting to run. I knew I needed a slow start so I stayed at a 10:45-11:00 min/mile for the first 3-miles. Pacing has always been a challenge for me and I knew if I listened to my regular Burn play list, I wouldn't stay at a slow pace, so for the first time, I ran to Hawaiian music - Kapena, Willie K, C&K, Hawaiian Style Band. It worked. The rhythm was even enough to keep me energized but slow enough to keep me on a slow-pace.

After three miles I felt better (and listened to my entire Hawaiian play list), I switched over to my Burn play list and increased my speed a little. I hydrated every 2 miles and had a GU at the halfway point. The longer I ran, the better and better I felt. To give you some background, for the two half-marathons I've done, the longest run I'd done before the race was 10-miles. This was the best 10-miler I've ever done. I did started to feel my feet at 8.5 miles but other than that, I didn't feel any other fatigue. Usually by the end of a long run, I'm dying to reach the finish, but this time, I felt strong, like I could have gone longer.

I walked a half mile to cool down, then stretched for about 30 minutes; it felt so good to just lie on the bench and let the sun wash over me. I spent the rest of the afternoon rolling and stretching. I am still a little sore but definitely not like how I was on Friday. Here's screenshots from the cool new GarminConnect app.



Distance: 10.03 miles Time: 1:44:27 Avg Pace: 10:24 min/mi Best Pace: 7:22 min/mi Calories: 898 Temp: 53 degrees

Sunday - Swim and Yoga With Sunday being a rest day, I just swam for 30-minutes and then went to Lululemon for a vinyasa yoga class. I was so proud of myself - I was able to escape the store without having done any more damage to the wallet. :)

Usually after a trip I'm left feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation. I'm so happy I canceled the Salt Lake/Park City thing; besides the great workouts, I got to clean my house, sleep-in and have long overdue quality time with friends. I mean, if I hadn't, I would have missed out on special moments, like my little buddy Brody REALLY wanting some birthday cake. I swear, his facial expression is the best ever; he knows how to work the camera. -- video here