the unintentional, intentional walk

it was about 4 pm on a friday and all afternoon i had been thinking about my bag of fresh cherries in the fridge. i headed to the break room to get it from the fridge but to my dismay, it was gone. i was not happy a happy camper. it was my third food item that week that went missing from the fridge. one theft i could have put up with, two made me mad but not enough to do anything about it, but the third?! i wasn't going to, couldn't, let it slide.

i had written my name on the bag of cherries so i knew the evidence had to be somewhere in the building. since everyone in my wing was gone, my colleague and i went thru all of the cubicles and checked the trash cans for it. sure enough, i found it.

i'm a firm believer that you need a put a stop to bad behavior, otherwise the person will think its ok and continue to do it. so i felt i had to address the situation and sent this email to the person:

"dude - someone has been stealing my food from the fridge this week....a hard boiled egg earlier this week and my cherries and spring hill garlic cheese today. i went thru every cubicle and looked in people's trash cans and found the ziplock bag that my cherries were in, in your trash can. My NAME was on the bag. what's the deal?"

well when someone's caught red-handed, there's not much they can do but to apologize (personally, i would have denied it - LOL). to the person's credit, he admitted guilt and apologized and bought me a new bag of cherries.


i'm not mad about it anymore. its all good and i'm just happy its not going to happen again.

but in all honesty, the whole situation was like an unintentional, intentional walk. he knew what he was doing but thought he could get away with it so he did it anyway. but sometimes the whole thing can just backfire on you.