The Way To Get Over A Bad Run Is To Buy New Running Stuff...

Or meet a professional athlete. Last Thursday (the same day as my bad run) Sandra and I drove to Fleet Feet in Menlo Park for Oiselle Night.

Sandra is a long-time Oiselle runner, and along with Jess, has made me a big fan of the brand.

We were able to get a preview of some of the new Oiselle products that are coming out later in the year...

I am obsessed with this yellow Runfinity scarf!
I am obsessed with this yellow Runfinity scarf!

...and also purchase some of the new (to me) items that had just arrived at Fleet Feet that day.

Didn't you know that the way to get over a bad run is to buy new running stuff?! It's what some call "typical Naomi-logic."

In all seriousness, after that crappy run I spent the rest of the day feeling like running wasn't my favorite thing anymore. We were not friends.

But then we got to meet Lauren Fleshman, who recently signed with Oiselle.

Last May I got her Believe I Am journal that I love (but it doesn't have enough pages to hold all of my tangents - and be thankful those tangents don't make it to these web pages). The fundamental concepts and structure of the journal have been so helpful, not only from a running/fitness perspective, but also in other areas of my life (hello upcoming mid-year career discussion).

At the time that I ordered the journal I also ordered this print. Reading it has helped me after many bad runs.

Getting back to the evening, we didn't get to the store in time for the group run. So while we waited for the group to get back I tried on many Oiselle items in the dressing room. As I walked out of the dressing room, Lauren walked by. She pointed to my Oiselle hoodie and said, "Hey I have mine too." She was so casual that at first I didn't realize it was her!

Later we chatted for a few minutes and I told her that I was a Picky Club member. {Sidenote:I joined the club last June when I started eating gluten-free. I was making weekly drives to ZombieRunner in Palo Alto to pick up more Picky Bars and finally decided that it was more cost efficient to join the club. I look forward to my shipment at the beginning of every month! Smooth Caffeinators are my favorite!}

It was so refreshing just to "talk story" with her. She is just as down-to-earth as she comes across in her blog and online. Just meeting her made me feel excited about running again.

And now I have this little note to add to my collection:

I think I should thank her making me want to be friends with running again!