The Will To Change

Monday’s Workouts: AM: Spin + 30-minute Core Class PM: Yoga

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day. I’ll spare you the details but essentially I’d been feeling slighted, wronged, forgotten – basically feeling sorry for myself. Usually, when I feel this way, I instinctively become very stubborn and isolate myself from others, which only builds up my anger and resentment. It’s a pretty ugly feeling.

After work, I came home intent on just sitting on my couch and watching the first broadcasted Giants game of Spring Training. I had planned to wallow in self-pity. But I was somehow persuaded to go to my Monday night yoga class.

As class started, the first thing Alex (instructor) asked us was:

“Do we have the will to change?”

During class this question kept running through my mind and my thoughts kept going back to the situation that was bringing me down. Deep down I knew that this pity party was a self-inflicted choice. I could choose to keep feeling this way, which was only hurting myself, or I could get over it and move on.

When my attention returned to class, Alex has us in a runners lunge to stretch out our hip flexors and quads. He explained that part of advance yoga practice is being able to hold a pose long enough to create permanent change in the body aka, The Will to Change.

I love how his thought-provoking questions always come two-fold and provide sustenance for the mind, body and soul. Making the grown-up choice in this situation isn’t an easy one, but I know it’s the right one, at the very least for my own well being.

I’m so glad that I attended last night’s class – and even got home in time to see the last 5 innings of the G’s game, check that win!