There's An App For That!

apps_storeAnd I probably have it. Seriously. Most people surf the web, I surf the iTunes Apps Store. My name is Naomi, and I have an apps problem. Right now I have a 144 of them. I don't sync them all to my phone (currently only syncing 85) but I frequently rotate them. And not only do I rotate them, I also organize them into groups on my iPhone. Its the OCD in me.

I can't review all of them in this blog post, so for now, I'll spotlight three of my no particular order:

1. MLB At-Bat 2009 mlb

It was a great app before the new OS, but now with OS 3.0, its incredible! I can get:

* The scores for all games * Real time play-by-play * The box score * The Scoring summary * Video of highlights

You can also listen to the radio broadcasts (picking which team's announcers you want to listen to), and now, with the new OS, you can watch the game live. Crazy good!

Its a must have for baseball fans. Real baseball fans.

2. BeejiveIM beejive

Beejive combines all IM programs into one application. Whether you use GoogleTalk, Yahoo, AIM, Hotmail, Facebook, Beejive will support which ever program you use (and I of course use them all). I like it because:

1. It has push notification. It will alert you of a new incoming message even if the app is closed. 2. You can sort your Buddies by accounts or groups 3. You can pick different colors and customize the wallpaper 4. You can mark Buddies as favorites which will put them into their own Favs section in the app for quick access 5. You can go invisible but still stay connected (like the Yahoo desktop client)

Its a little pricier than other apps ($9.99) but I think its worth it. Its a very clean and stable app; haven't had it crash once.

3. Super Poke Pets pablo

I play Super Poke Pets on Facebook (I have a tiger named Sugar Ray) so I was delighted to find out there's also an app! I just discovered it last week and now am the owner of a panda named Pablo! :)

The iPhone app is great because it has audio; so I can hear Pablo laugh when I tickle him, eat when I feed him and bubble when I clean him.

Of all the apps, I only have a handful of games. I'm not a big fan of the game apps, but I love this one. It makes me happy to hear Pablo laugh when I'm having a bad day.

Look for more reviews on iPhone apps in upcoming posts. Next review will be on Twitter apps (trust me when I say I've tried almost all of them)...stay tuned.