This Week's Top 10 List

I'm all about making "lists." Things to do lists. Grocery lists. Chores lists. Errands lists. So here's a list of my favorite things right now...this list changes often...

10. Frozen Grapes

9. Cash Cab

8. Africam

7. "Camping" - NJ style which means pillows and blankets on the living room floor...

6. Passport to Europe - Samantha Brown has the greatest job

5. Monday Stick Fighting Class - kickboxing and stick fighting combined. kickass workout.

4. Yogurtouille - 407 South B St, San Mateo -- The chocolate mixed with the orange is awesome!

3. My iPhone - Now that I realized I had to remove the plastic overlay to hear phone conversations, I think its one of the greatest inventions of my time :)

2. The 5 pm Happy Hour Jam on 99.7 - On my commute home, I roll down all the windows in my car and blast the radio

1. Sex and the City!!! The girls are back with John James Preston on May 30th! I have my tickets, do you?